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Spiral underground parking (small road version)
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Feb 25 @ 12:26am
Feb 25 @ 8:25am
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Spiral underground parking (small road version)

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Spiral underground parking (small road version) by vilgard92

A 100% functional underground parking with real parking lots. Cars take the spiral ramp to get in and out of the underground car park and pedestrians access it via the central lift.
A small park surrounds the parking.

You'll have to build on flat land and to connect to a small road for a nice result.
Large road version available here : Spiral underground parking (large road version).

I hope you'll enjoy.

Inspired by the spiral underground parking lot by Elvis0529.

Stats :
  • Tris : 532
  • Lod Tris : 70
  • Textures : 512x1024
  • Lod textures : 64x128
  • Construction cost : 5000
  • Maintenance cost : 100
  • Low wealth tourists : 200
  • Medium wealth tourists : 150
  • High wealth tourists : 100
  • Entertainment accumulation : 80
  • Entertainment radius : 150
  • Size : 8x8


Recommended mods :
Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance by BloodyPenguin
To prevent large props from disappearing on zooming out.

Tags : real functional working underground urban parking lot

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Dam Apr 6 @ 7:57am 
I love this asset ! Great work, thanks a lot ;) Sadly the texture of ground do not accommodates with others textures like pavement, so the render is not very well unfortunately. It would be nice if you can remove the texture of the ground and maybe some props who are useless please ? Maybe the file size reduce in same time ^^
vilgard92  [author] Mar 2 @ 1:50am 
@FAILZORD : about 80 parking lots
king | dekoning Feb 28 @ 11:50pm 
Because it's going to generate queues when you have to pay sitting in your car... You pay your ticket in a ticket machine inside garage, at least thats how it works here in NL :-D
FAILZORD Feb 26 @ 1:15pm 
Just realised now you have the entering ticket box, but no exit ticket/pay box.

Nonetheless, great job on this vilgard92.
Mike Feb 26 @ 10:57am 
Thanks for your answer, but please make a second version with open gates. Yes irl as a rule they only open when a vehicle passes but also irl vehicles dont drive through closed gates (except in action movies:) ).
And irl it also happens that they dont work because of a malfunction and the owner leaves them open until they are repaired, So an open gate version would be more irl than the closed gate version.
Another way would be the suggestion from aubergine18: a version without gates so one can put a small toll both on the entrance.
Please, it hurts to see vehicles driving through closed gates.
Heraclito83 Feb 26 @ 10:31am 
Good Job man, finally you did it. XD
vilgard92  [author] Feb 26 @ 4:44am 
@Mike : impossible to make gates that work. Gates are closed because irl the gates are closed and only open when a vehicle passes.
@aubergine18 : no left-hand version planned
FAILZORD Feb 25 @ 3:50pm 
*slaps Spiral underground parking roof* So how many bad bois can this hold?
Mike Feb 25 @ 3:21pm 
This is a really nice asset, I like it very much! But 100% functional with gates (barriers) always closed?
If it is not possible to make the gates functional (and I dont think it is), than please make the gates always open so the cars dont drive through closed gates, which is not very realistic.
If the gates are always open, you can say that there is a malfunction and the owner leaves them open until they are repaired :)
nicocn383 Feb 25 @ 3:05pm 
Awesome, we need more parking garages