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Cyborg Portraits
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Cyborg Portraits

Localized for the officially supported languages (Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Polski, Português do Brasil, Русский, 中文).
Compatible with version 2.2.3 (and should remain stable with most future updates).
If you are looking for more cyborgs, Vehk has made a similar mod named Visible Cyborgs.

While playing as a Driven Assimilator in a multiplayer game, I wanted to provide a more immersive experience for me and my friends, so I started adding custom cyborg versions of the species I assimilated. Before the game was over we had a collection of 16 cyborg-versions of the original portraits. I hope it will add some flavor to the game for others as well!

  • 16 animated cyborg portraits. All portraits are based on existing Stellaris species and keep their original animations.
  • As a player, you can choose from the Cyborg category whether you play Biological or Machine Empire. Portraits picked from the Cyborg category will always look like cyborgs, no matter what traits your species has.
  • The organic base portraits will convert to their cyborg counterparts if the species acquires the cybernetic-trait (either by modifying themselves or by being assimilated by a Machine Empire). This applies to both players and AI empires. If the cybernetic trait is lost, these portraits revert to the original, organic version.
  • Localized for the officially supported languages (Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Polski, Português do Brasil, Русский, 中文). This mod contains only minor texts used to describe the Cyborgs species category (compliments, children, body parts, etc.), but those have been translated to the languages above to the best of my ability.
  • You are free to use content from this mod in your own mod! Credit is appreciated but not necessary, just please don't claim that you made it yourself.

Design Credits
  • The design for the short humanoid with a chrome dome and one glowing eye is taken directly from the Terminator movie.
  • The design for the winged robot with a monitor for a head is inspired by the Robot Kingdom in the Saga-series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, and the robot Kanti from the anime FLCL.
  • The design of the robot with red hair and a checkered suit is an homage to a character designed by my brother.
  • The design for the bear-like robot with a oscillogram on its front is taken directly from a robot in the stop motion movie A Close Shave by Aardman.

You don't need Synthetic Dawn in order to play as one of the cyborg species. However, AI empires will not use cyborg portraits on start and will only transform into their cyborg counterparts if they are assimilated by a Machine Empire (available in Synthetic Dawn) or modify themselves via the Technological Ascension Path (available in Utopia).

  • The winged dragon reptile will be available only if you or your host has has the Anniversary Portraits (which is free).
  • The two humanoids will be available only if you or your host has the Humanoids Species Pack.
  • The two plant cyborgs will be available only if you or your host has the Plantoid Species Pack.
  • The armored starfish will be available only if you or your host has has the Leviathans Story Pack.

This mod adds a new category of portraits; achievements will therefor be disabled.

No original files are replaced, so the mod should be compatible with all other mods except in the following cases:
  • The mod adds a Cyborg-category to the Appearance tab in empire creation. Only one Cyborg category will be shown.
  • The mod adds Portrait Groups for the organic versions of the cyborg portraits (mol15, art14, avi12, fun3, mam1, mam3, mam13, mam14, avi9, rep17, humanoid_hp_13, humanoid_hp_02, pla8, pla11, mol17). Any other mod doing this may either not up show at all or show random portraits from either mod.

Happy cyborging!
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Torrahcat Mar 15 @ 6:08pm 
Few suggestions:
Remove clothes for the male fox thing and/or make clothes for the female fox thing honestly it just makes more sense. Add hair options for both of them too if you can
If you can make the dragon thing's wings cyborg or something.
Add more unique modifications in general.
Add more species?
If you do any of these things i mentioned thanks! These are just suggestions though.
Also very nice mod:steamhappy:
infernalthing Feb 8 @ 4:11am 
For role play it makes sense for cyborgs to have both organic and machine traits. I like that!
Robicon  [author] Feb 8 @ 3:11am 
Wonderful narrative, @True Guesser, Wand Bearer, etc. , it made me laugh :D

On the technical side: Yes, it is very possible to exploit the combination of machine & organic traits. It was the only solution I could come up with that allowed a single species-category to be either machine or biological, but it fits well with the cyborg theme so I decided to allow it. You don't have to exploit it if you don't want to (it is technically cheating), but if you think it makes your game more fun, then go for it.
The year is 2200, and "the internet of things" has reached its' horrifying conclusion. Household appliances became self-aware, quickly assimilating the planet's dominant bird species. The appliances, with their now enslaved cyborg birds, seek to expand their user-friendly goodness across the galaxy.

Please note! You are able to choose both Machine & Organic traits during creation. For example, you can have 'logic engines' + 'intelligent', for +20% Science. Easy to avoid, but still.
Robicon  [author] Feb 7 @ 7:41am 
Thanks, everyone!

I've updated the mod with a new species archetype for Cyborgs: They can now choose from both biological and machine traits. This also means that they can play a Machine Empire as both overlords and underlings (just like it was meant to function all along). However, Cyborgs can only be modified via Gene Tailoring and not via the Machine Template system. They also have a climate preference, but it won't affect anything if they have the Machine-trait.

I hope this will satisfy your organic-cybernetic aspirations!
Freedom-In-Moonlight Feb 7 @ 1:10am 
These all feel very retro scifi
Elliot7420 Feb 6 @ 12:50pm 
amazing slig faces on those squiddos
Oh very cool, thank you. I am excited more than is healthy about the prospect of my grand ruling Machines being sentient toasters, which have enslaved the now-cyborg human race.
ExoKex Feb 6 @ 12:04pm 
некоторые очень годные, некоторые очень всратые, но эта работа определённо +
Robicon  [author] Feb 6 @ 8:47am 
I thought I took care of that, but apparently I can't create a species category that can truely be played as either machine or biological. I will create a separate category for the machine playable ones and upload it tomorrow. Please excuse the inconvenience.