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Animated Rebel Alliance Portraits
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Animated Rebel Alliance Portraits

This mod adds animated portraits of members of the Rebel Alliance. This mod also incorporates the Rebel Alliance Species mod made by Death of Rats and updated to 2.2.4.

- Animated Portraits of alliance personnel and aliens (Bothans, Duros, Twi'lek, Mon Calamari, etc.).
- Custom Rebel Namelist
- Rebel/New Republic Rooms
- Four system starts: Yavin IV, Hoth, Mon Cala, and New Republic Coruscant
- Custom Planet Modifiers for all systems
- Custom buildings: Massassi Temple, Ion Cannon, New Republic Senate Building, and Jedi Praxeum
- Rebel/New Republic Flags
- Prescripted Empires
- New civics: New Jedi Order and New Republic Senate

For updated Rebel Alliance ships as well as other Star Wars vessels, click the link below:

The majority of the clothes and hair options are from Death of Rats's Rebel Alliance Portraits mod. Be sure to check it out in the link below:

The custom buildings, starting system template, and the custom Yavin gas giant are also from Death of Rat's mods linked here:
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The Hat Mar 10 @ 4:47pm 
Very nice mod, long live the rebels! I can finally blow up the deathstar planet destroying super weapons in style.
Crazy Old Texan Mar 1 @ 7:49pm 
Cool, something to use that Death Star mod on.
redx112 Feb 3 @ 4:30pm 
thank you
Mal Feb 2 @ 2:01am 
A group of power-borne troublemakers and supporters of a rotten and corrupt regime that refuses to give in to the loving embrace of the Emperor :) Nice mod by the way :)
Arekusa アレクサ Jan 29 @ 9:51pm 
@Mal because they are Deviants, they are Rebal scum what more can you call them. sorry i just had too, but really that is a good question, maybe the lack of traits in this game maybe?
Mal Jan 29 @ 9:30pm 
Why they are Deviants ? I understand that must have some negative trait, but deviants ?
vasilis2505 Jan 28 @ 11:01pm 
great job man. could you do one for lost tribe of the sith