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Dr. Fauci Sep 9 @ 1:31am 
Modding Prodigy
Your Doctor Jun 25 @ 7:08pm 
Hello I'd Like to speak with you about something you might be interested in!
ChaosOmega98 Feb 15 @ 7:25pm 
Can you make themed collections of your mods like putting all the Starcraft mods in a collection so it is easier to subscribe to your mods
ChaosOmega98 Feb 15 @ 7:23pm 
For me even if it is the only mod in the playlist
ChaosOmega98 Feb 15 @ 7:22pm 
Can you help me with your transformers mod as it broke on me and un and resubscribed to it and now it’s not loading
endgui14 Feb 11 @ 4:31pm 
I had an idea for the Covenant Portraits mod I was wondering if you end up adding the Halos for the Forerunner portrait mod. Maybe you could make an event where the halos and ark can spawn as abandoned mega structures and the Covenant could have the goal of finding them to go on the Great Journey. I was also thinking maybe you can add war goal where the Covenant can declare an empire as a heretic and start a holy war.

Do you intend to make the halos a functional super weapon ?