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Stadler - FLIRT Trenitalia 'Jazz' (5Cars)
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Stadler - FLIRT Trenitalia 'Jazz' (5Cars)

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FLIRT 160 - Trenitalia 'Jazz', 300 passengers

Stadler FLIRT (Fast Light Innovative Regional Train; German: Flinker leichter innovativer Regional-Triebzug) is a diesel or electric multiple unit railcar made by Stadler Rail of Switzerland. The articulated trainset comes in units of two to six cars with two to six motorized axles.

The FLIRT train was originally developed for the Swiss Federal Railways and was first delivered in 2004. The trains quickly became a success and were ordered by operators in Algeria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and, most recently (2018), Canada. As of 18.04.2018, more than 1500 units have been sold.

Fictional livery.

As a part of collections:

Technical Details
  • MaGiCaLLy optimized
  • Control car, 2nd class, power unit
  • 60 passengers
  • 140km/h, 1.8m/s^2 acceleration
  • Custom and optimized LOD
  • Cars are illuminated, no additional mods needed
  • Detailed roof and windows
  • Animated articulations
  • Compatible with vanilla stations
Station Length Compatibility
  • Vanilla stations and above
Recommended Mods
  • Sponsored by Neitan.
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Tris info
  • Engine: 0.14 / 0.01 pallet, Cars: 0.05 / 0.012 average pallet
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