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Cities: Skylines

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Heavy Outside Traffic
Created by pcfantasy
Can adjust outside transit traffic flow traffic for game, very challenage to your highway network.

(1)There are 3 levels can be selected in options for each 4 sides

1. Low traffic
2. Medium traffic
3. Heavy traffic

Real City
Created by pcfantasy
Make your city act like a real world!
Combine CS and Simcity in game playing!
1.13.0-f7-compatible (Sunset Harbor DLC) compitable

Report Bugs:
Remember to send output.log and realcity.txt to me. Otherwise I can...
Favorite Cims
Created by Gianxs
- Fixed for new dlc Sunset Harbor


- Fixed the Prison Panel View for jailed Citizen
- Added Criminal Cims into Main and Family Panel. You can now know when your citizen being arrested and jailed.
- Added new descriptions for medical a...
Power Balance
Created by AndyDaMage
Updated for Green Cities
Green cities has added several new power plants, they have been slightly modified to fit in with the rest of this mods changes.

This is a mod that balances the effectiveness and costs of all the power ...
Unlock LandScaping
Created by pcfantasy
Unlock LandScaping(Include Quay and Pavement) at beginning without Unlock other features

You can still build a city at Zero,but can changing terrain for better city planning.

If you do not have above demand, please better use other unlo...
Unlock All Roads
Created by zexel
A simple mod that unlocks all roads, including roundabouts and interchanges. Other milestones remain the same.

Compatible with all DLC and mods.

Now compatible with Network Extensions 2 (thanks jojorne).
Created by Icob
Displays a clock in lower right corner.

Right click on the clock to switch between 24h / 12h format.


Clock hides when UI is hidden.
Can switch between 24h / 12h format.
Remembers format.
Fix to unloading the mod.
Automatic Bulldoze v2
Created by mexahuk
Automatic Bulldoze v2 automatically destroys abandoned and burned buildings.
This mod is a spinoff of the original Automatic Bulldoze mod by Sadlers.

The diffr...
Created by pcfantasy
This is a very simple mod to remove BailOutWarning.
It is useful when you try to manage your city at negetive cash flow, and try to turnaround, without this annoy warning.


If you like this mod, please pr
Advanced Traffic Congestion Report
Created by pcfantasy
Traffic Congestion will now depends on vehicle speed

New in V3.0:
Add shortcut to switch two modes, shortcut is configable in mod`s option
Shift+K speed-based mode
Shift+J amount-based mode
(1) Traffic speed-based congestion r...
Employ Overeducated Workers V2 (1.30+)
Created by pcfantasy
Note: This is an update version for old Employ Overeducated Workers

Please UnSub other Employ Overeducated Workers mod

Issue Fix:
(1)Fix transfer bettween industrial warehouse
(2)Fix confict bettween Real City Mod
(3)Fix confict be
More Effective Transfer Manager
Created by pcfantasy
Optimize transfer manager in vanilla game. match the shortest transfer bettween offers

Give me feedback:
Spawn/Unspawn Positions Swapper
Created by BloodyPenguin
Allows to prevent trucks that leave a train cargo station/cargo harbor or arrive to it from getting in the way of each other when the station is placed on the 'wrong' (left) side of a one way road

The mod provides a button to swap trucks spawn...
Watch It!
Created by Keallu
Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.13.0-f7 (Sunset Harbor)

This mod allows to watch status of the important capacities in the game.

NEW IN 1.10
- Added support for clickable warning panel to view all warnings in bigge
Remove All Animals
Created by pcfantasy
Remove All Animals to save citizeninstance(max 65536)


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Realistic Population Revisited 1.1
Created by algernon
Working with Sunset Harbor

Looking for a more realistic simulation and gameplay experience? Sick of having half-a-dozen families crammed into a single suburban house, while tall apartment buildings only contain a ridiculously small number of h...
Lifecycle Rebalance Revisited 1.1.1
Created by algernon
Working with Sunset Harbor

Tired of immersion-breaking "deathwaves" in the base game? Struggling with the base game's unrealistic education level straightjacket, and not wanting to artificially limit education delivery to fill your base-level...
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pcfantasy  [author] Mar 30 @ 6:54pm 

Works fine for me
sTiKyt Mar 13 @ 8:01pm 
Unlock All Roads seems broken
pcfantasy  [author] May 9, 2019 @ 7:22pm 

Advanced Junction Rule still offer left waiting function based on TMPE.
aubergine18 May 9, 2019 @ 10:39am 
might be worth removing Advanced Junction Rule from the list as it's now obsolete