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A sub-mod for Planetary Diversity, do not use without it. Compatible with Stellaris 2.2.

I started collaborating with Gatekeeper, author of Planetary Diversity, during development of ExNihil's Planets Enhanced, and came to realise the best experience we can offer our subscribers, is to make sure our mods work together. This was made possible by the engine developed by ExNihil, which is partially still used in this sub-mod. However Planets Enhanced is too complex for me to update to 2.2, and with ExNihil having retired from modding I took what I could work with and found the quickest way to bring back most of my old mod to Stellaris 2.2, while keeping it compatible with Planetary Diversity, was to make a hybrid between the base Planetary Diversity, and the New Worlds part of Planets Enhanced.

I will not stop here, once Planetary Diversity and the New Worlds module is stable and feature-complete, the goal is to start work on a new joint-project that will use assets from both Planetary Diversity and Planets Enhanced, introducing new gameplay mechanics.

This sub-mod brings back a number of planets from my old mod, the uninhabitables: Radiated, Dwarf, Hot Reducing, Cold Reducing, Volcanic, Ice Giant and Hot Giant; some are spawned at game start, others are converted from vanilla uninhabitables after unpausing the game. Like in my old mod, some adjustments are made to planet sizes and orbital deposits, so you will notice a short delay on the first couple of game days. Also introducing a new marginal category, habitable planets with 0 habitability which you cannot colonize until you either gain enough habitability bonuses from technology, or enact a decision to send an unmanned pre-colonization mission of automated drones who will build support infrastructure, giving an habitability bonus of 15% (this number may be balanced in the future, but you can no longer colonize 0 hab. worlds). So the habitables are: Primordial, Warm Marginal, Cold Marginal, Irradiated Marginal, as well as a habitable version of the barren called Desolate, and PD's Hothouse which has been converted to habitable. Some other worlds may be comming back in the future.

The Terraforming Candidate anomaly will now be found on Barrens (not the cold version), Hot Reducings and Cold Reducings, these planets will be terraformable to Desolate, Hothouse and Methane respectively with Terrestrial Sculpting, and they can later be terraformed to the standard habitable planets with Climate Restoration. The Sol system has been updated with the new planet classes, Mars starts as a Desolate which you can colonize once you build your first colony ship, but it is advised to spend some resources on the Adapted Environment Decision first, and you will also have an option at game start to add the terraforming candidate anomaly to Venus and Titan.
The pre-colonization Decision, named "Adapted Environment", which grants 20% bonus to habitability, is only available to uncolonized Desolates, Primordials, the 3 Marginals, Methane, Ammonia and Hothouse world classes.

A new anomaly has been added similar to the Terraforming Candidate, called Subterranean Candidate, it may show up on Airless (cold barren) and Frozen worlds, and allows them to be converted to habitable versions with new art that represents an underground colony. Once colonized, they will have a small number of available districts, which can be increased by clearing (excavating) the rocky or icy blockers, and excavating will also reveal new deposits, so you will not know how mineral or energy rich the colony can be until you clear all the blockers.

This planet and galaxy generation mod would not be possible without Chris Adamek's contribution! The mod is loosely based on his Star Trek Planet Classification Guide, adapted to better fit Stellaris. All textures are his original works, done specifically for this mod and for any other use he wishes to give them in the future. If you like his work and anything related to star trek, be sure to check out his website which also includes some fine fiction!

I also give credit to Gatekeeper of course, as this mod is built as an add-on to his, and to Doodlebot for the Primordial environment art as well as others comming soon.

A special Thank You to Exnihil for the work he's done with Planets Enhanced's engine, which some parts are still used, while others I learned how to do them thanks to the time I spent working with him!
And to all the people who still support both my project and Gatekeeper's, we will be joining forces and bring you new stuff in the years to follow! :P

Please rate this mod if you like it.


Please check the Changelog page for more details on important updates.

Compatibility notes:

This sub-mod overwrites the following Planetary Diversity files, so if anyone makes a compatibility patch for Planetary Diversity that uses one of these files, either use this submod's file and make the patch for both mod and submod, or make a separate patch for the submod.

  • events\!vanilla_colony_events_fix (add marginals to colony events)
  • events\!vanilla_planet_destruction_events_fix (add marginals to planet destruction events)
  • gfx\interface\icons\planet_type_icons (add marginal planet icons)
  • common\deposits\01_planetary_deposits (make some vanilla deposits also spawn on marginals)
  • common\deposits\01_blocker_deposits (PD actually does not overwrite this vanilla file)
  • common\on_actions\pd_on_actions (disables PD's hothouse spawning and Venus option event which the submod replaces with its own)
  • common\planet_classes\pd_planet_classes (just to make pc_hothouse a habitable)
  • common\planet_modifiers\00_planet_modifiers (PD actually does not overwrite this vanilla file)
  • common\solar_system_initializers\nw_sol (different file name but overwrites PD's sol_system_initializer)
  • common\terraform\pd_hothouse_terraform_links
  • common\terraform\pd_methane_terraform_links
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Lex Peregrine
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Lex Peregrine  [author] 15 hours ago 
Thanks Spike!
Spike Mar 21 @ 2:26am 
niice thanks a lot, great mod by the way
Lex Peregrine  [author] Mar 20 @ 12:56pm 
@Spike: if there's a command to add a modifier to a planet, you can use subterranean_rocky_candidate on Airless (pc_barren_cold) planets, and subterranean_icy_candidate on Frozen (pc_frozen) planets. Then you should be able to terraform them to their respective subterranean classes.
Lex Peregrine  [author] Mar 20 @ 12:53pm 
Yea to get the maximun features a new game should be started.
LokiCharms Mar 18 @ 2:02pm 
I imagine you can add it to a save game but you won't get much if any benefit from adding this mid game since, like Planetary Diversity, planets are generated during galaxy generation in the beginning of the game
Spike Mar 18 @ 10:10am 
command to add the subterranean candidate to a planet?
lexduex Mar 18 @ 7:29am 
Is this savegame compatible?
Lex Peregrine  [author] Mar 17 @ 9:30am 
I would rather suggest Lion make his own patch for New Worlds like he did some time ago for CGM Planets Enhanced. I'll write the suggestion on his page.
Pamparampampamparam Mar 16 @ 3:09pm 
Would you consider making Sol as detailed as Sol System Expanded?
Lex Peregrine  [author] Mar 16 @ 10:35am 
You realize Luna will still be identified as an Airless world? That is by design. What should be different, is the environment art and it being a habitable planet. Its not possible you're not seeing that change as I modified the vanilla sol initializer, as well as real space's in my compatibility patch for it. Also make sure your empire uses the standard Sol initializer, or one of Real Space's. However I have not updated the primitive Sol initializer, or the one you get if you play as CoM,