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A True Synthetic Age
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A True Synthetic Age

For some reason, Synthetic Age is a.. lackluster pick for ascension perks. There almost always seems to be something better, at least until you get to the very tail-end of ascension perks. This mod aims to fix that.

It allows synthetic age to be picked by all types of machine empire, not just the regular gestalt conciousness. This means that Synthetically Ascended empires can choose to pick this ascension perk. Secondly, it gives three trait points instead of two from synthetic age, and allows for machine races to gain one more trait point through technology, putting all machine races at a solid 8 trait points.

Next, it adds 6 new traits. Half of which are form, half of which are function. The three form ones, (Energy/Food/ConsumerGood - Minerals/Alloys - Research/Unity) cannot be picked together, and the three function ones are the exact same way. The details of which are all above in the pictures!

This mod is incompatible with any other mod that does something to the ascension perk "Synthetic Age", but otherwise I did not overwrite anything else. It hopefully allows for more power to be given to robotic empires, which they feel sorely lacking in nowadays!
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Yuri 15 hours ago 
I want to point out here that "Robot Modification Points" and "Machine Modification Points" are two different modifiers. As a result, Synthetically ascended empires who pick up the "Synthetic Age" perk don't actually receive the bonus modification points, because they are robots, and not machines.
Disalign  [author] Jan 12 @ 1:59pm 
Synthetically Ascended Empires are capable of getting synthetic age and all the traits. This isn't for balance, it's for filling in the blanks. Vanilla isn't balanced anyways.
edey5000 Jan 12 @ 1:38pm 
Its not really about balance, you should let the synethically ascended empires get it
Qui-Gon Jake Jan 12 @ 9:28am 
"Sectopod" -- Nice XCOM reference! ;)
ThyronDexter Jan 12 @ 6:00am 
The mod is fine, and I liked it, but you shouldn't have allowed the perk for Ascended organic empires. Because both other ascension paths have 2 perks, and the synthetic one with this mod has 3, and the third is quite strong. This breaks the balance and makes psionic and genetic paths complete garbage.
Disalign  [author] Jan 11 @ 6:40pm 
Iunno @Big Brother, my profile only has an XCOM background, the highest level XCOM icon, both the XCOM game hardest difficulty victory achievements displayed proudly. What do you think? cx
starfirejordan Jan 11 @ 4:45pm 
Big Brother Jan 11 @ 4:24pm 
Are you and XCOM fan?
[!Kencko] Jan 11 @ 2:37pm 
Ignore me I found the traits haha sorry great mod!
[!Kencko] Jan 11 @ 2:33pm 
Problem is I have a machine empire and I don't see any blue traits, so I'm guessing I have a mod conflict,.