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!No Xeno Compatibility
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!No Xeno Compatibility

I said NO. No, seriously NO.

Simply makes it impossible to use Xeno Compatibility Perk.
For the Clean Stellaris Experience™

But why?

* Xeno Compatibility creats way too much sub-species, increasing pop calculation. ( = LAG™)
* Its disgusting!
* No Seriously, even if you master Evolution™, inter-species sex is NOT possilbe.
(If different species can be "compatible" they are NOT different species AT ALL.)
* No seriously, I said NO.
* ???
* Just get OVER with it.

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hamster113  [author] Mar 3 @ 6:00pm 
@chagman I am not sure if half-breeds still pops up as totally new species, instead of being subspecies. In case of spawning as new species, you already can set migration control. Problem is you cannot do that with Egalitarian Ethos.
chagman Mar 3 @ 3:40am 
What if you could make so half-breeds cannot migrate to other planets by themselves? That way the empire that wants the half-breeds have to deal with them alone and the rest can continue living in peace!
is this Compatible with the AI Mod? Because one of the Xenophilic empires I made still picked this perk anyway.
hamster113  [author] Feb 7 @ 8:32pm 

Looks like that I missed file that contains Caravaneer Pop spawn event. Thanks a lot for that information!
Evil_Lord_Proteus Feb 7 @ 8:29pm 
I had the "Caravaneers Begone!" mod enabled which prevents them from spawning. The Galaxy was producing mass half-breeds normally while the No Xeno Compatibility mod was active.
hamster113  [author] Feb 7 @ 6:45pm 

Many of Caravan Events are hard-coded so I cannot do much about it. Which is terrible, as Rackets spreads everywhere! This issue really needs to be addressed, but only Pdx can help that out.
Evil_Lord_Proteus Jan 30 @ 12:20pm 
I'm afraid that renders the mod useless then. :(

My Galaxy is once again flooded with every possible combination of race and trait hybrids. 2.2 is a complete mess,both mechanically and functionality. They absolutely did not test this shit properly.

We thank you for trying to fix the developers problems and for trying to compensate for their incompetence and malice, though, as modders are often to do.
Katusha1592 Jan 30 @ 6:31am 
번역업뎃이래 버전업뎃하라 핫산