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More Starting Resistance Order Cards
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Nov 30 @ 1:46pm
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More Starting Resistance Order Cards

Just what it says on the tin - Increases the number of Resitance Order Cards you get when you first meet each faction.

vanilla gives you 2.
this by default increases that to 4.
this can be changed in the XComGameData.ini config file.

each faction has a potential 17 (or 18 for skirmishers) cards, but you also get some from improving influence, covert ops and continent bonuses. I don't know what the highest "safe" value is.

there's also an optional bit in the config which will give each faction +1 card slot.
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Plague Doctor Jeff Dec 3 @ 3:28pm 
Thank you
Jeff the Hobo Dec 2 @ 9:33pm 
I'm very surprised this mod wasn't a thing already.
yes_commander Dec 2 @ 6:18pm 
For the longest time I thought my game was bugged because I only got 2 slots per faction. Since documentation on all the features of the game is weirdly hard to find, I never knew that was intended until recently. Thanks, Mitzruti. With the optional line, now I can play how I thought the game was supposed to be played in terms of resistance order slots. That empty space in the resistance screen always bothered me. ;)
Mitzruti  [author] Dec 1 @ 12:15pm 
extra cards will only apply to factions you haven't met yet. the optional extra slots will require a new campaign.
p6kocka Dec 1 @ 5:18am 
Does this works on existing campaign :steamhappy:
兔毛 Dec 1 @ 3:19am 
Support controller?
SkySpirit Dec 1 @ 12:34am 
Does this works on existing campaign
José Nov 30 @ 9:00pm 
Yeah. Thanks. Not sure why it's set up for nine slots for the factions, but you can't get more than six.
Veehementia Nov 30 @ 3:05pm 
Thanks man, good work!