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Splinter Colony
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Splinter Colony

A century ago, your civilization sent six great Arkships to nearby systems. Soon after, a global catastrophe struck, plunging your homeworld into chaos for decades. All contact with the Arkships was lost. Now, as you once again begin to explore the galaxy, your first priority is to find out what became of those brave pioneers who set off into the unknown so long ago.

Splinter Colony is a story pack mod for Stellaris, inspired by elements of the base game’s Commonwealth of Man backstory. It includes two interrelated event chains. The first is to track down the fate of all six Arkships. The second is a series of interactions with your splinter colony, an empire founded by one of those Arkships to rival that of the homeworld.

To activate the mod, select “Sol (Splinter Col.)” or “Random (Splinter Col.)” as your starting solar system. Shortly after the game starts, you should receive “The Ulysses Initiative” event chain.

Features include:
- Two detailed, interrelated event chains, each with multiple options for the events that trigger on a given play-though.

- Encounter a splinter colony based on your own custom empire, using one of six different ethics templates, each with custom events.

- Through your interactions with your splinter colony, determine whether they will be friend or foe, or seek to destroy them utterly.

- The mod is compatible with most pre-built or custom empires. Not compatible with gestalt consciousness ethic and the civics: mechanist, syncretic evolution, post-apocalyptic, life-seeded, fanatic purifiers, and barbaric despoilers.

- The mod uses custom diplomacy windows for many major events. Don’t close them without picking an option, or you will not be able to complete the event chains.

- You will need to play with at least one fallen empire to complete the Arkship chain.

- It is not recommended to leave the Splinter Colony systems as the saved starting systems for empires that can spawn as AI empires. Doing so will cause minor oddities in galaxy generation.

- Not designed or tested for multiplayer.

Detailed bug reports are always welcome.

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FebHare Oct 10 @ 6:09am 
Hello, I really enjoy this mod and translating it into Japanese.
May I upload my Japanese localized patch?

Aside from it, I found some country name will be English always.
If player empire is human portrait and sprinter colony is militarist, its name will be changed to "Commonwealth of Man". Even if I didn't select English or my .yml file tell other name.

Would you like to consider to modify line 893 in splinter_events_setup.txt?
Changing "Commonwealth of Man" to "EMPIRE_DESIGN_humans2" will work.

Thanks you in advance.
Leandor Oct 8 @ 6:31pm 
@Aequinoctis Thanks for this mod! I had a great time playing through it, and I certainly will try it again if you add more stuff!
Aequinoctis  [author] Oct 8 @ 5:06pm 
@Kepos: The Hyacinth Merchant Tribe borrow the nomad mechanics, but don't take the place of one that would otherwise spawn. Adding dialogue for them, when they are contacted via the empires list, is on my to-do list.

@MasterOfGrey: Thanks, I will test that out.

@Tavmminqat: Adding in support for Mechanist and some of the other civics is also on my to-do list.
Tavmminqat Oct 6 @ 3:16am 
Do you plan to make it compatable with the Mechinist and other civics?
MasterOfGrey Oct 5 @ 4:52pm 
"- It is not recommended to leave the Splinter Colony systems as the saved starting systems for empires that can spawn as AI empires. Doing so will cause minor oddities in galaxy generation."

I believe there's an option you can put in the file that will prevent these from appearing on the selection list in empire construction. If you are spawning it specially I think the "usage = custom_empire" line can just be removed and that should achieve the effect.
andrews1701 Oct 5 @ 7:27am 
Great Mod! - I downloaded it a few days ago and I really enjoyed the story. Thank you!
Tyso3 Oct 4 @ 5:29pm 
Sounds like Freelancer :P
Jackel Oct 4 @ 7:08am 
nice work! I'd like to see more of this :)
^kxa Oct 4 @ 4:15am 
Most likely also caused by GO. That thing is more of an alpha atm. Disabled it cause it reks half my mods and triggers more errors than a bethesda game.
Kepos Oct 4 @ 4:05am 
Contacted Government Overhaul modders about the 'format.slavers.1' error seems GO is causing it.

Encountered a second problem: the Hyacinth Merchant Tribe, which is the last Splinter Colony, who seemed to take place of one of the Merchant Tribes in the game, is not contactable through communications. I can find them in the Contacts screen as 'Other' empire, but the window closes as soon I try to contact them. Are they only able to communicate through scripted dialog?