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Animated TOR Republic Portraits
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Animated TOR Republic Portraits

This mod adds animated portraits from the Galactic Republic from the Great Galactic War.

- Animated Portraits of Republic troopers, jedi, and officers (update: Bothan, Duro, and Kel Dor species have been added).
- Custom Republic Flag.
- Custom Namelist.
- Two custom lore-based civics.
- Coruscant as a starting system. This includes the Tython, Corellia, and Axum as neighbor systems.
- Added lore based modifiers for each system.
- Several Republic style rooms.
- Prescripted Empire.

Future updates:
- More portraits
- More flags

For Republic Ships, click the link below:

Coruscant's planet types, custom buildings, tile blockers, and modifiers were made by Dᴇᴀᴛʜ ᴏꜰ Rᴀᴛs.
His Coruscant mod is in the link below:

Feedback is Appreciated.
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Tzeentch Oct 27 @ 1:27am 
How can I build Jedi Temple? I have it in description of psionic theory, but can't find how to build it :/
Commander_Vex Sep 16 @ 11:04am 
Just Curious, could you make a mod with Starship Trooper Namelists? I would LOVE it
force728  [author] Sep 16 @ 10:28am 
@Commander_Vex: Glad I could help. :)
Commander_Vex Sep 16 @ 9:41am 
Thank you, now I can use these for my Stellaris RP Group!
force728  [author] Sep 16 @ 9:16am 
@Commander_Vex: Sure, I'll add it in.
Commander_Vex Sep 16 @ 6:13am 
Thanks, I also should have specidied if they could have the flag, sorry :p
force728  [author] Sep 15 @ 8:45pm 
Commander_Vex Sep 15 @ 6:32pm 
Can you do this for the Mandalorians to, Thanks mate!
force728  [author] Sep 15 @ 5:53pm 
@Commander_Vex: Just portraits only? Sure, I can do that.
Von Waldstein Sep 15 @ 4:45pm 
You are a God