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Light Borders
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Sep 7 @ 4:09pm
Sep 16 @ 9:37am
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Light Borders

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Elegant Galaxy
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Makes borders more transparent and thin.

The mod also:
- removes star pins
- slightly raises borders (tell me if you don't like it)
- doesn't highlght borders under nebulas

I rely on galaxy_dust.shader to make the borders brighter. This means in the darker areas of the galaxy they will also be darker. I'll try to instead use borders.fxh for this but I haven't figured how yet.

Recommended to use with other mods from Elegant Galaxy collection.
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Agamidae  [author] Sep 16 @ 9:44am 
sorry, I was sick yesterday and messed up a few things
Rtas Vadumee Sep 16 @ 7:50am 
It doesn't work with me, the borders are even less visible
Agamidae  [author] Sep 16 @ 5:00am 
I've tried it, Soz, and I don't see much point. Somebody with inverted flag colors from yours would get the same if I switch them around.
I'll adjust opacity a bit.
FLSoz Sep 15 @ 7:47pm 
Very ... questionable color choices made by the AI

Is it possible that swapping the primary/secondary mapping to border/filling and tweaking the opacity up a bit might help prevent situations like that?

The situation above is created by
1) I'm a feudal lord
2) there's 2 federations
FLSoz Sep 15 @ 7:28pm 
Is it the primary colors that make the borders, and the secondary the filler?
Just started a new game and it's pretty much transparent, with primary being a purple and secondary a light blue (or whatever approximate) (no mods, vanilla colors)
If it is i'll need to go in and tweak some of my empire colors
Kir Sep 15 @ 2:28pm 
Yes, sure. im keeping a look at your work anyway. have modified it slytly already :P
Agamidae  [author] Sep 15 @ 2:22pm 
Sure. Just keep in mind that I'm still tweaking them, so you might want to wait for a week or so.
Kir Sep 15 @ 2:14pm 
just wanted to make one big mod with all the staff i use in it. So i dont need to manage 10000 mods.
Agamidae  [author] Sep 15 @ 2:08pm 
I mean, I can't stop you Kir, but why? They should be fairly compatible with other mods.
Kir Sep 15 @ 1:44pm 
Hey man, love your mods. Quick question: is it ok with you if i use them in a repack?