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AC Head-Up Display
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AC Head-Up Display

AC Head-Up Display System v1.1
Comprehensive Vehicle Information System

What does it do?

  • Speed (in km/h)
  • Altitude (in m) with height gauge
  • Attitude and heading
  • Velocity vector display
  • Throttle gauge
  • Ammunition/damage display
  • Entity minimap and target display
  • Mission Accomplished victory screen

Test and feel the HUD with these actual Ace Combat levels!


How do I use it?

Enabling the HUD
  1. Create a camera.
  2. Set the HUD option.
  3. Options: The first-person camera mode has a more detailed display. Render distance is also available, which may be useful if the plane is getting in the way of the HUD. The Flip HUD option is for when the minimap is back-to-front.

Optional machine features
  • Damage display: Requires a level entity to be checking machine health.
  • Throttle display: Set the keybinds on the camera! Engine keys are toggles, while throttle keys are held.
  • Weapon display: Register weapons by setting their types on grabbers and decouplers!
  • Landing gear: Register hinges as landing gear! Make sure it's turning towards its maximum angle, though.

Level entity targeting
Support is available for entity targeting!
Use the middle mouse button to target the entity closest to the crosshair, or just wait for the current target to die.
For hosts, players also get targets by default; in the future, this will be fixed expanded to clients also.

To enable, add the following to the end of the entity's name:
- type: a|g|i|h - air, ground, invincible, hidden (only indicator on destruction)
- alignment: enm|tgt|fnd|neu - enemy, target enemy, ally, neutral
- priority: pri|null - sticks a larger box on top of the entity; can be used in conjuntion with a null type for landmarks etc.

Known Bugs
- Text may be super big on rare occasions. This fixes itself when the text updates (so if it's an entity, just target something else)
- Clients do not have landing gear display
- Clients cannot see player targets
- Damage value does not work, but damage colour does??? 。゜(`Д´)゜。

Shadé - Pitched the idea, thought up all the features, created all of the graphics, made Excalibur, and built the original Sanka M-B (a rebuild of which is prominently featured in the screenshots above).
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threestikesTRIGGERED Jun 5 @ 11:19pm 
aww man. someone should make that for ace combat purposes
dagriefaa  [author] Jun 5 @ 10:56pm 
threestikesTRIGGERED Jun 5 @ 9:57pm 
yeah but for aircraft? like they reload?
dagriefaa  [author] Jun 5 @ 7:40pm 
Block Enhancement mod has lock-on missiles, I think.
threestikesTRIGGERED Jun 5 @ 6:15am 
is there a mod with lockon aircraft missles?
DaDiamondSkelli May 3 @ 6:52am 
Thank you :)
dagriefaa  [author] May 2 @ 5:49am 
There is a logic condition on the build box for machine damage. If that isn't being used in some way, then the damage display won't work because the damage isn't calculated.
DaDiamondSkelli May 2 @ 5:23am 
Very cool! The hull integrity DMG display is incredibly useful, but doesn't seem to work for all vehicles and I'm not sure how to adjust a vehicle so it is compatible (if anyone knows/ understands what is meant by " Requires a level entity" could you explain???). Also to answer your question dagriefaa a mech HUD wouldn't be too different if you've managed this, in fact this could already be used as a "mech HUD"
dagriefaa  [author] Apr 6 @ 1:42am 
What features would a mech HUD even have?
Yerf_Dog Apr 5 @ 11:20pm 
Can u do a mech head up display?