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Larger Fleets
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Aug 13 @ 1:48am
Dec 10 @ 8:35am
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Larger Fleets

This Mod increases the Vanilla Fleet Sized to 10 times (5000cap) of the regular Value, also changes Technologies and Traditions to accommodate that.

Naval Capacity is affected: Galactic Force Projection will give 800 instead of 80 to that.

This is supposed to make a single person who asked me to do it happy. I know the balance is propably broken, but if you play a game with this mod and tell me the result, I would be happy.

Changes to Command limit on
  • Civic: Distinguished Admiralty from 10 to 100
  • the overall command limit up to 5000 (propably around 2000 is what you can get)
  • the Supramcey Tradition "War Games" from 20 to 200
  • the Society Research for Command Limit from 10 to 100
  • the shipclasses research also changed from 10 to 100

Tested Mods Compatibility
  • I havent yet

Reversal Mod
This mod will instead set your you fleet size to 2/3.
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Dec 5 @ 4:06pm
Galactic force projection unbalanced
< >
Flemmi  [author] 3 hours ago 
@Computer I just launched a test game and it took a while but the AI was building Ships, maybe they dont see the need for some reason to do it. But if something seems broken it might be another mod or a mod-conflict i dont know about
Computer 3 hours ago 
no i don't know if it was this mod. but the AI in my game has ceased to spawn ships lol

gee i wonder what broke this time TODDDDDDD
Roger Dec 10 @ 2:02pm 
awesome, thanks Flemmi :)
Flemmi  [author] Dec 10 @ 8:27am 
Mod Updated. It was easier than i thought, the new DLC and patch did not change any of the used files.
Roger Dec 9 @ 1:08pm 
sweet, I'll keep a eye out :D thanks for the reply.
Flemmi  [author] Dec 9 @ 1:06pm 
@Roger that is in the works. once i updated it should be save compatible even if you havent used it before.
Roger Dec 9 @ 12:55pm 
any chance on a update to 2.2? :)
WERWOLF-SS Dec 5 @ 2:20pm 
Yah it doesnt work for me. It stays at 500.
Sylin Nov 22 @ 11:50am 
Probably... I have so many mods affecting ships in different ways i dont even know which ones might be the issue... well, no truly, massive 100m power fleets for me... at least I can get 10m power fleets! :D (Not even using a fleet comprimes of my strongest ship, just two of each type lol)
Flemmi  [author] Nov 22 @ 4:23am 
@Sylin, in my testing i could always^get more than 1k command limit. This mod should not affect the overall force limited just the size your fleets can be. bu tyour force limit should also get bigger than 500. maybe some other mod is the issue.