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DR Class 219 DB Intercity (7Cars)
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Jul 27 @ 4:04pm
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DR Class 219 DB Intercity (7Cars)

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Deutsche Bahn Intercity, 428 passengers

The DR Class 119 was an East German Deutsche Reichsbahn diesel locomotive that was built in Romania. When the Deutsche Bahn AG formed up in 1993 it was redesignated as DBAG Class 219.

They were nicknamed "U-boats" or "Ceaușescu's revenge" (Ceaușescus Rache) - the latter referring to the numerous technical problems the engines suffered before redesign.

As a part of collections:

Technical Details
  • AUTO-REVERSE: Engines switch positions in the direction of travel
  • Magically optimized
  • Loading Screen Manager: Has 1 set of textures for all cars, increasing loading times.
  • Engine, 1st class, 2nd class
  • 428 passengers
  • 140km/h, 0.9m/s^2 acceleration
  • Custom LOD

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Project is sponsored by Kettenkrad81. Blueprints are provided by both SimNationJan Kettenrad81.

Keywords for Workshop search: Germany, Deutsche, U-Boat, BR, DR, 119, 219, Passenger, Train, Diesel, Deutsche Bahn, Reichsbahn, baureihe 119, 219, intercity
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REV0  [author] Jul 28 @ 12:49pm 
@soldier312, there's a request form on the description
soldier312 Jul 28 @ 12:43pm 
whoops... sorry for straight out speaking german xD... don't know why I thought that you speak german. anyway...

so yeah, a BR103 is also one of the things that i would love to see on my ground :steamhappy:
btw I didn't know that future mods have to be commissioned! is there an official thread or where else to do?

anyhow: dear REV0, could you please mod a BR120 with several IC cars behind? take your time... if you even want to mod it :D

REV0  [author] Jul 28 @ 8:08am 
Yes, you can do that as well, either a. Keep assets private only, b. release with proper credits in that case you need to ask ron_fu-ta as well. It's fine from my end
Sir Ludicrous Jul 28 @ 8:07am 
Sounds great!
I dont know if you use other modders vehicles or strictly use your own creations, but
since there is already a pretty decent looking 101 out there, I guess it wouldnt matter, since
we can compose our own trains in the asset editor :D
REV0  [author] Jul 28 @ 7:17am 
I'll make all coaches, including SNCF, OBB and DB (old and new). They are basically a completement to engines I'm working on. I havent recieved any request about 101, but 103 is scheduled to be released somewhere in August.
Sir Ludicrous Jul 28 @ 7:07am 
Looks gorgeous! :D

Are you planning on adding other trains with the IC-cars or additional models, like the cab car or the dining car aswell?
(i.E. the BR101?)
REV0  [author] Jul 28 @ 1:23am 
If you put a commissioned request I might look into them, my schedule is mostly commissioned stuff nowadays. IC cars I made were made to accompany BR103 to be released later on.
soldier312 Jul 28 @ 12:35am 
Wahnsinn! Endlich schaffen es auch mal die IC-Wagen (undzwar eine ansehnliche Version :steamhappy:) in den Workshop - top, danke!!!

Leider ist der Talent2 und die gute alte BR120 von "brunna" nicht mehr im Workshop... hättest Du Lust/Zeit diese zu modden?

(PS: Ja ich weiß, eine sehr große Bitte... hast ja einen freien Willen :D)