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[2.1.1] Reduced Ship Upkeeps
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Jul 9 @ 7:19am
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[2.1.1] Reduced Ship Upkeeps

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(2.1.1 version of my original Reduced Ship Upkeeps mod!)

This mod does as it says: reduces the upkeeps of ships. A lot. Like... 75% a lot. So no more 2 minerals for 1 corvette. One. Corvette.

You will now be able to actually afford building anything in your space... because how else are you supposed to acquire a steady enough income and maintain a decently sized fleet to avoid becoming space chow for your local Devouring Swarm? (of whom will also have reduced upkeeps, and likewise with the rest of your neighbors)

No new games required: simply enable mod and play an existing save. Say hello to your new minerals and energy! Disable to see how dirt poor and worse off you'd be with vanilla upkeeps!
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Insaadomkro  [author] Jul 12 @ 11:59am 
@knightluyang - Yes, yes it does. You can count on the AI fielding significantly larger fleets even into the late game. Especially if you play with mods like The Belt that significantly increase the amount of mineral deposits in the galaxy (or at least in asteroid-abundant systems), which can be scary if the wrong kind of empire gets their hands on more than a couple (Devouring Swarms for instance)
knightluyang Jul 12 @ 9:24am 
Does this mod affect AI as well?
TheOnlyTrueCommie Jul 10 @ 4:13am 
Thanks as a newer player getting my bearings in the game is a little hard when all i can focus at first on is an increase in mineerals and energy
Siatru Jul 9 @ 9:46pm 
@Insaadomkro ouhhh
Insaadomkro  [author] Jul 9 @ 4:40pm 
@ Siatru that's actually the Reptilian shipset. Titans are vastly improved in NSC to account for the increased ship types that would outclass Vanilla Titans
Siatru Jul 9 @ 2:34pm 
What shipset mod is that in the pictures?