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RK Editor's Choice - Full 1.11
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RK Editor's Choice - Full 1.11

Version 1.11, this is my personal pack of things i made that i loved the most and wish to really play with. And to it, i added tons of new things. FULL VERSION.

This mod offers:

- New ground textures : a forest one, and a grid forest one.
- New topographies : Peak's Valley, Peak's Mountains, Peak's Plains, Peak's Lakes.
- New starting conditions: Adam&Eve, HardAlternate, Shepherd, Farmer, and Gatherers.

- Fully 3D environment : Grass, Flowers, Dead Trees, Wild Food, Wild Animals, Copper, Gold, Silver.

- +37 new Crops & Orchards.
- +8 new Livestocks.
- +8 new Wild Animals.
- +7 new Remove Tools plus a Flatten tool.

- All the vanilla graphic buildings are gone, they all have been remade and redesigned.
- New buildings and new chains: Greenhouse, Stables, Water Well, Fodder Farmers, Florist, Parfumery, Cremeries, Butcher, Pond, Bakery, Windmill, Watermill, Lumbermill, Apiary, Sandpit, Claypit, Kiln, Glass maker, OpenSky Quarries, Foundry, JewelMaker, GemCutter, CandleMaker, Lighthouse, Watertower, Cathedreal, SaltMine, OldSmokery, OldSaltery, DryShack, Malthouse, many Barns sizes, Granary, RootCellar, Barbershop, Dentist, Clinic, Bathhouse, Schoolhouse, many Specialized Market Shops, new size of Market, TradingPost for seeds and livestocks, 3 new Brick Roads.

- This mod contains : BostonHouses, BostonHouses2, ColorfulLittleHouses, CountryLittleHouse1&2, NMT30LittleHouses, NMT30 Multi-level Housing, RK Cemetery, RK Specialized Stockpiles and Covered Stockpiles, RK Vendor Carts, ColorfulLittleFences, 3 new Deco Trees, NMT31 Canal System.

- New Loading Screens and New Audio Tracks.


New Corner Buildings:
There is 2 types of new corner buildings : the Corner Housing and the Corner Hostels, and the first floor Corner Business.

Corner Housing: With costs in line as the regular Multi-story housing, they provide similar family residences, heat efficacity and building costs. each floor are good for a family of 5 (floor 1 and 2) or a family of 6 (floor 3). the heat eff% varies depending material used to build it.

Corner Hostels: Costs are very similar to the housing counter part, but they are visually abit different with awnings. Each floors are temporary good for 3 families of 5 each. So a total of 9 families if you build the complete set on top of each other.

Corner Business: Corner Business are all first floor only that allow any combinations of housing ontop of those. There are 10 different commercial you can choose from: Apothecary, Bakery, Blacksmith, Grocery, Library, Pottery, Shoemaker, Tailor, Tavern, and Theater.

NMT Little Housing 2 version 1.0 has been added to the 1.11 FULL version. They provide 12 different colors, 7 different models for each color. Footprint of 4x5. They cost 24 lumber and 8 stones. they have an Heat EFF% of 80. 1 family of 5 members.

Wild Animals : i made all birds smaller (down to 50% of was it was) like ducks, geese, pheasants... and i added a bit to bison (up of 12.5%). and i fixed the animation walk of bears, more fluid.

Seedlings : The flowers will also spawn Seedlings from now. The will be picked up by Florists and the tool Collect Flowers and Herbs will also manually flag those for pickup.

Starting Conditions : Added some stockpiles at some starting conditions. The fact it was missing, it was preventing to get the starting firewood bonus.

Fertilizer : Some Livestock that doesnt gave something overtime like milk, wool, eggs.... will now give some fertilizer over time. Cattle, Bisons and Pigs will drop them in different amount power. Cattle will have the highest output, followed by bisons and pigs lowest.

Open sky Quarris / Mines : i added 2 new level for all the quarries and i hamonized its progression through levels.
Level 1 ALL : Cost 48 wood, 60 work units. Qty:2000 items.
Level 2 ALL : Cost 48 wood, 64 candles, 80 work units. Qty:3000 items.
Level 3 ALL : Cost 72 wood, 96 candles, 100 work units. Qty:4000 items.
Level 4 ALL : Cost 96 wood, 128 candles, 120 work units. Qty:6000 items.
Level 5 ALL : Cost 120 wood, 160 candles, 140 work units. Qty:8000 items.

Greenhouses : I boosted a bit the production of the greenhouses and now have a huge list of items that can be farmed. i added all the new crops resources to it. Maybe later i'll do one for all the fruit items.

Meat Locker : I added a Meat Locker specially designed to be near of pastures / fishing docks. they can hold 3000 weight, they are 2x3 tiles, and cost 2 wood 6 stones to build.

The Old Barn pub : This is a new building that will take some meat + some vegts and + some alcohols and make 6-10 Meal from it. Citizens will want to go there everyday and enjoy a good meal and a good beer, and meeting together in a festive place. (this part will have to be tested, probably you will need to buy alcohol from merchants if the taverns will reluctant to let their alcohol go. maybe i will have to do something for it)

Decoration Trees : All the Decoration Trees are now ghosted and still require seedlings. i made and added all the RK Ed Fruit Trees and Fruit Bushes into Ghosted Decorations. They also have a trash icons on it if you want to delete those. The remove resource tools cannot tag those because they are ghosted.

Little Chapels : i also added 2 Little chapels. BIG THANKS to embx61 for his little chapel mesh. :) it was perfect for my needs :)

there will be 2 versions : one wood and one stone
Wood : 4 colors of 24 wood + 54 lumber. 4x7, 100 citizens.
Stone : 2 colors of 24 wood + 54 stones. 4x7, 100 citizens.

Vanilla Wild Pines : I changed the texture of the vanilla pines with a better resolution texture making it less cartooned.

Various Tweaks : I can have done many other little tweaks all over the place for better balance. Like Fish now drop +1 fish at every catch... Everything i dont remember can fall into this paragraph ^^ haha.
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red-ketchup  [author] 3 hours ago 
foundry will take care of those.
Angelhearth 3 hours ago 
Iron, yes, but not silver and gold? I have found gold and silver ore, but I need to smelt it into bars. How do I do that?
red-ketchup  [author] 4 hours ago 
blacksmith can smelt iron ore to iron in wait your foundry
Triple P Boom 6 hours ago 
@red-ketchup Dude I love the mod, but I can't find any Iron only iron ore, and the smelter that I need to build to create iron takes iron to build it! So how the hell am I supposed to get iron?
Angelhearth 7 hours ago 
Also a bit lost when it comes to the corner buildings. How am I supposed to make a row? The ones that aren't corner leaves a small gap between the buildings.
Angelhearth 7 hours ago 
How am I supposed to get gold and silver bars, for the cathedral?
Angelhearth 21 hours ago 
Thanks. I removed the "cheats" and those not needed. Charburner is conflicting, but works in-game.
red-ketchup  [author] Oct 21 @ 4:45pm 
better fields, extra leather increased resource combines are cheater mods and will have to be placed ahead of RKEC. also in RKEC, i've set Iron Ore on the ground, not old vanilla Iron, you need to smelt the Iron Ore into Iron. Incr.Res.Combined can mess you up. not sure the effect it can have, maybe you wont be able to find iron ore anymore so some building wont be able to be done.

more climate is ok, i believe it can be place ahead or behind RKEC.
more terrain, RKEC already have extra large maps.

mountainless mine is useless cause you will want to build MY RKEC quarrys which are more productive and smaller and can be placed everywhere and offer more things to be mine.

safer jobs are useless, i already fixed the miner/stonecutter jobs.

time is money a good one, i always use it all the time.

tombstone removal is ok

unlimited quarries and mine do the same thing as the mountainless mine. i dont see why have 2.

one year is OK
charburner is OK.
Angelhearth Oct 21 @ 10:49am 
Made it public
red-ketchup  [author] Oct 21 @ 10:48am 
it says error. cant see. you will need to type in manually or show a picture.