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[WOTC] Tempest Combat
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[WOTC] Tempest Combat

The Templar is unquestionably a remarkable faction hero, with more abilities available than any other hero class and nearly limitless options to utilize their Focus.

But not all of their abilities are equally effective.

Stun Strike, for example, doesn't stun the enemy as the name implies, and instead has a relatively low chance to disorient the target with a knockback effect.

Pillar, while useful for situations where you have an absence of cover, requires the Templar to have an action available, which can be difficult to attain in such circumstances.

This mod remedies that by allowing Stun Strike to stun the target if successful, giving it a higher base aim, and a faster cooldown. Also, Pillar is now a free action, and can be used even in the Templar's Momentum phase.

This mod works both mid-campaign and mid-tactical.
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Player 2 Jul 12 @ 1:02am 
Thank you.
Udaya  [author] Jul 11 @ 4:09pm 
** UPDATE **
I believe this will be the last update concerning this mod's actual functions. There won't be any more need for subscribers to delve into the .uc files to configure Pillar, since that's all available in the ini now. Based on my own gameplay and what I've seen others commenting, I've made it so that Pillar is a free action that's also available during Momentum, but not when all action points are gone. No need to constantly end your turn anymore. If you want the free action that's available even with no action points back, you can change it very easily in the ini now.
Udaya  [author] Jul 9 @ 7:57am 
@Tenno Typically, when you're trying to make an ability different in a way that's not apparent in the game's existing ini files, you have to edit their classes. For a change like this, you'd have to go into the Src/"Mod's Name"/Classes file of your mod and do what I did for Pillar in your X2DownloadableContentInfo file. The only things that would be different for Soulfire is that it wouldn't have the line "Template.AbilityCosts.AddItem(new class'X2AbilityCost_Focus');" and would use "ActionPointCost.iNumPoints = 1;" instead of "ActionPointCost.iNumPoints = default.PILLAR_AP;" unless you're invested in giving the mod user customization. And as for all the lines with "//" behind them, they don't actually do anything. But mainly just understand the classes first and then ask if you need help.
Tenno Jul 9 @ 6:44am 
@Udaya great mod, but how did you manage to make an ability a free action? I've looked at the ini files included in the mod, and I can't seem to replicate it with my own ini edits. I'm specifically trying to make soulfire from the psi ops tree a free action, do you have any tips?
Raz Wolfhome Jul 8 @ 12:58am 
@Udaya thank you, i am still very new to the game, WOTC brought me back. Keep up the fantastic work!
Udaya  [author] Jul 7 @ 9:09pm 
@DiViNe NeKO By all means, but I'm somewhat surprised that a mod like this didn't come out sooner with all of the other ability "patches." A few days after War of the Chosen was released, various mods affected Skirmisher and Reaper abilities, like Not Enough Skirmishing and Sting charge removal. It's probably due to the Templar's mass amount of abilities that these two were ignored, but I wish I'd started modding sooner in the effort of making all abilities equal.
DiViNe NeKO Jul 7 @ 8:16pm 
This should be considered a 'Patch' mod, never would use these abilities before since they were useless on vanilla but now this makes them a legit ability for Templar :steamhappy:
Udaya  [author] Jul 7 @ 4:44pm 
@Raz Woldhome You could either end your turn every time using the "End" button or follow these (new) instructions for allowing Pillar to be used in Momentum rather than moving or using Parry: https://imgur.com/a/7kV244B
Raz Wolfhome Jul 7 @ 3:58pm 
Is there a way to skip placing a pillar? Either there is not, or i am doing something wrong.. Cause with the free movement, placing a pillar every turn can be frustrating and hinder focus building early game.
trapbuilder2 Jul 7 @ 3:03am 
Thank you for this