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Halo 3 Brutes Voices for Skirmishers
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Jun 8 @ 4:38am
Jun 15 @ 12:47am
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Halo 3 Brutes Voices for Skirmishers

This mod adds voices of some of the brutes from Halo 3.

The idea is to add more voices for Skirmisher soldiers.
They are best suited for this faction because they are not exactly humans, or, at least, that's what I think.
But if you really want your human soldiers to sound like aliens, you can assign the voices to rangers; I've added support for the abilities of this class.

Currently includes 3 voices.

No references to prophets, pack brothers or quenching one's thirst with the prey's blood.
The number of voice lines varies between 419 and 510 per soldier.
Radio effect is applied.
Please see attached video for details.

Let me know if you encounter any problems.

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God, I wonder if this has some of the IWHBYD lines from Halo 3. Imagining if my Skirm sees a squadmate go down - especially if it's one he's bonded to - and yell "HE WAS MY LOVER!"
CapRum  [author] Jul 5 @ 9:49pm 
Check the gender, they are for males only. Try unsubscribing, restart Steam and subscribe again. You didn't change anything in the mod's config files, did you?
ChargerRex Jul 5 @ 9:07pm 
not in the skirmisher audio list but are displayed in the
average soldier list
CapRum  [author] Jul 5 @ 8:39pm 
You mean you can assign them to Skirmishers but they have no sound? Or do you mean they are not even displayed in the list of the voices for Skirmishers?
ChargerRex Jul 5 @ 8:13pm 
iIt only works for my average troops not Skerms
José Jun 9 @ 9:37am 
@Mac Dog64: Perhaps you could bribe RealityMachina to add them in, if they're not planning to do so already. They did add the Sangheili as enemies and allies to the game.
Mac Dog64 Jun 9 @ 4:21am 
This makes me want a Brute enemy pack even more.:)
stephen.c.shunn Jun 8 @ 6:47pm 
I hope to hear some of the quirky comments. :P That would just make my day.
José Jun 8 @ 12:31pm 
Great job on this voice pack. I usually hate this kind of stuff, but bravo! Did you rip this from multiple games, like the recent Halo RTS or just Halo 3?

Also, I think you should make this availiable for all classes. Do you use RealityMachina's 'Non-Skirmisher ADVENT Hybrids?' That's why.
dmc32 Jun 8 @ 10:55am 
well he does sound skirmisher-eske in a rip your spine out kinda way. Thats good have to give this voice a run, thanks.