Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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Ravenloft - Prisoners of the Mist
Optional overrides for Ravenloft - Prisoners of the Mist[] - a gothic horror, immersive, roleplay PW.

You can find us in the server list as "Ravenloft - Prisoners of the Mist" or Direct Connect to

We recommend that you visit our webpage before joining. Especially this forum post will be of relevance to you if you are new:

You can also find us on Discord at:

About us:

Ravenloft is an original D&D setting based on gothic horror themes, similar to stories of H.P. Lovecraft, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire etc. The world may easily appear gloomy to people more familiar with high fantasy, but also as having a strong sense of mystery rather than the blatant and obvious.

Mainly our aspiration is to have an atmosphere that's immersing, with stories that reach out to the players as they partake in making them, yielding a rich and enthralling roleplay experience that explores themes beyond just mindless hacking down creatures.

Therefore you should not let being unfamiliar with the setting discourage you. We don't strive to be distinguish ourselves simply by bringing the Ravenloft setting to the list of NWN PWs, and we won't test you in Ravenloft trivia or expect you to read books before joining the server. Our primary goal - our outset - is to create a place where roleplay, in all its forms, thrives.

So what does this mean?

Some might already worry that we are then dedicated to hardcore realism, micro-management at every step and with no chance of adventure and achievement.

This is not what we aim for.

What we want to give you is opportunity. Something you can shape yourself and with others. The opportunity to roleplay in as many situations as possible in as much detail as you desire. We want the world to react in a manner that inspires and encourages you to roleplay. We expect you to act in character and do what you can to not be detrimental to the integrity of your co-players' experience, but we will not rigidly force you into roleplaying in certain ways - partly because we believe that forced roleplay will never be good roleplay, and partly because we also want to have faith in your ability to roleplay, and to encourage you to think creatively and independently, and in ways we might not have thought of ourselves.

This doesn't mean that we'll tear down every 3rd edition rule and go systemless. Balance is needed, because risk is needed for progress to make sense. We may even choose to do things to adjust this balance better, as long as it isn't at the expense of the roleplay. But when we do change things, it's always ultimately for the sake of roleplay.

What you really should expect is a NWN experience that to a much lesser degree rely on out of character mechanics disrupting your roleplay, and instead, more in-character mechanics that further it, providing meaningful material for it. We aren't focused on whether the way you decide to explore the world is absolutely true to real life, but rather we aspire to make the world you explore alive. We want to give you a better opportunity to act in character by making the world act better in character. We want the world to roleplay along with you too.
Items (3)
Ravenloft POTM Blood override
Created by Z217
Blood override with higher resolution textures and improved VFX for all three blood types. Made for the gothic horror roleplay PW of Ravenlot - Prisoners of the Mists - but can be used in all other places, including single player. WARNING: These are gory a...
Ravenloft POTM GUI override
Created by Z217
An override that replaces the look of most of the user interface in the game. Made for the gothic horror roleplay PW of Ravenlot - Prisoners of the Mists - but can be used in all other places, including single player....
Ravenloft POTM Skybox override
Created by Z217
Override skyboxes that replace the default skyboxes for NWN. Made for the gothic horror roleplay PW of Ravenlot - Prisoners of the Mists - but can be used in all other places, including single player. Description: With Bioware's default skyboxes, only smal...