Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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Ravenloft - Prisoners of the Mist
The files you need to play on Ravenloft - Prisoners of the Mist as well as additional optional overrides.
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Ravenloft POTM Blood override
Created by Z217
Ravenloft POTM Blood Override

Version 1.0

By Søren Møller (Zarathustra217)

Visit our PW at


Blood overri...
Ravenloft POTM GUI override
Created by Z217
A GUI override made for the gothic horror roleplay PW of Ravenlot - Prisoners of the Mists - but useful in all other places.

The PW itself has not yet migrated to EE, but you can read about it here:
Ravenloft POTM Main Download
Created by Z217
This is the main download you will need to be able to join our multiplayer online persistent world (PW) Ravenloft - Prisoners of the Mist. In addition, you will also need the CEP which is linked to the right.

You can find us in the server list as "Raven...
Ravenloft POTM Skybox override
Created by Z217
Override skyboxes that replace the default skyboxes for NWN.

With Bioware's default skyboxes, only small amounts (about 30%) of the actual texture is ever shown to the player. This is partially because they had optimized their model for areas sized 0x0 ...
CEP (Community Expansion Pack)
Created by The Amethyst Dragon
CEP 2.65
+ CEP 1 (Complete)

The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) is a large hak pak collection of free, community-made custom content. Most of the included material comes from content previously posted on the Neverwinter Vault sites by independent users....
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Anastiel Jul 16 @ 3:06am 
Silver Jun 17 @ 2:08am 
its the only place you can rp a chinese swordsman from ancient china! :O you can be a wuxia character that is amazing ! i like how the creator wanted this server to be a place where you can rp however you like. :)
KiLLTRO Jun 9 @ 4:07am 
Awesome module and server.