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Randy Marsh Voicepack - South Park
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May 20 @ 12:26am
May 20 @ 12:45am
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Randy Marsh Voicepack - South Park

Randy Marsh is ready for battle, equipped with his mighty Creme Fraiche!!

This mod adds the voice of Randy Marsh from South Park to XCOM 2, with 164 different audio clips. I believe this mod is entirely WOTC compatible and can be equipped to WOTC faction classes as well as Sparks. However, I don't think WOTC or SPARK specific abilites will not trigger Randy to talk, so its probably better to just stick to vanilla classes (let me know if that part works/does not work).

I shouldn't have to say this, but obviously this voicepack has foul langauge and all that. So XCOMer discression is advised.

If you have any comments or issues, let me know. If you like the mod, please give it a good rating.

I do not in any way own the rights or likeness of Randy Marsh, the character of Randy Marsh is owned entirely by Comedy Central and South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.
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野路子炸弹人 Oct 14 @ 10:52pm 
rofl~. this is super funny~~~~~~~~ yayayayayaya
Dominian Oct 11 @ 5:08pm 
"I thought this was America!?" instant subscription +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1:steamhappy:
RedRam Ipsen May 23 @ 10:46am 
Avenge me.... AVEEEENGE MEEEEE !!!
JohnnyMedieval May 22 @ 10:53am 
Yeah I've been surprised for a while that there's not more South Park voice packs on the workshop. So far I've only seen this one and Mark Zuckerburg. I would think it might be easier for modders to get the voices from Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole. I would love a Professor Chaos voice pack lol.

Anyway, Thanks for Randy Crazy :)
Renay May 22 @ 9:14am 
I never knew I needed this until now. More South Park Stuff please. Could you do Mr. Mackey, mkay?
CrazyManDan1214  [author] May 20 @ 1:34pm 
Didn't even think about the video games. But those would probably be a little harder to obtain. But yes I got keeeyyyaaaaa (from an episode, dont remember which, not video game)
Karimloo May 20 @ 12:08pm 

Lurker_GG May 20 @ 5:52am 
Did you add his "KeEEYAAAAAA" sounds to melee attacks?
mynameactually May 20 @ 2:12am 
There should be some good lines in the latest South Park video games. And maybe the mobile game Phone Destroyer.