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[WOTC] Cheeki Breeki Voicepack
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May 11 @ 10:12pm
Jun 9 @ 6:07pm
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[WOTC] Cheeki Breeki Voicepack

This is a port of the eponymous mod for War of the Chosen.
The original mod was made by zuff and Arno, and can be found at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620359968

You can also use the voicepacks with Reapers, Skirmishers and Templars.
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GRIGORIY MITRICH Jun 10 @ 1:48am 
@Plat Yeap, that works! Thank you very much!
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Jun 9 @ 8:13pm 
@Plat, It now shows up! Thank you very much you two! :)
Plat  [author] Jun 9 @ 5:33pm 
The voicepacks should now be available to use with regular operatives as well as Reapers, Skirmishers and Templars.
Please let me know if something breaks in the future again, or if it doesn't work right now.
Plat  [author] Jun 9 @ 5:00pm 
@Grigoriy Mitrich, you're correct that it shows up just for the Reapers, which indeed isn't intended behavior.
Whether a game loads a voicepack and makes it available to be chosen is defined in XComContent.ini.
This mod does have the four required lines of code - one to make the voicepack available to regular operatives, one to make it available to Reapers, and then two practically exactly same lines to make the second voicepack from a different Bandit work.

Yet as it turns out, War of the Chosen came with a whole bunch of under the hood stuff regarding modding, so old stuff breaks, new stuff works, and no hobbyist modder has a quality assurance team to check for every possible thing and if it works as it should, and if it'll break if a specific thing is done.

Oh well, I'll take a look and report if I find anything. Hopefully it'll work as intended after my tinkering.
GRIGORIY MITRICH Jun 9 @ 4:09pm 
@Plat, that's no @Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus fault, mod let use Bandit's voices only for male Reapers and don't let use for common male XCOM operatives. But in original mode i use this voices for these operatives. Perhaps, you forgot enable this voices for common soldiers?
Plat  [author] Jun 9 @ 12:15am 
Try looking harder. They're named Cheeki Breeki and Cheeki Breeki 2.
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Jun 8 @ 9:40pm 
@Plat, I've taken nearly all of the voice packs off my subscribed list and I still don't see these two Bandit Voices any where :(
Plat  [author] Jun 8 @ 4:07pm 
@Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
The answer is yes.
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Jun 8 @ 2:17pm 
@Plat, I do have the mod active for war of the chosen, and no I was trying to attach it to a male character.

Could be perhaps, i have too many voices that it doesn't show up?

I slowly scrolled too amd didn't see anything pertaining to this mod. Should i verify cache files maybe?
Plat  [author] Jun 8 @ 7:08am 
They seem to be showing up for everyone else.
Maybe you didn't enable the mod, or are trying to attach these voices to a female character - that's not really supported.