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Apr 26, 2018 @ 4:38pm
Apr 28, 2018 @ 9:38am
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Role Playing offers some cool ingame contexts once you try maintaining a hefty amount of "Soldiers" in your Character Pool(s). This allows for campaign & mission variations beyond the simple default assets like Factions & regular squad makeups. The StoryLine illusions are perfect and i wouldn't have each of my games in any other way.
Having custom SkyrangerSkins (Other Mod Required) & Decals for any such principles becomes icing on the cake, AFAIC!

Sooooo.. to identify these diverse Squads.. i've designed a small system based on commonly known Logos & other related GFX elements.

RPL Graphics Armada!

Seven distinct types are currently finished and might receive whatever further components later on. I'd just have to find proper UV-Coordinates for specific areas and then, determine if those polygons can host extra texturing steps.

1) Predator
2) Stargate
3) Avengers
4) Fantastic-4
5) Weyland-Yutani
6) Rebels
7) Super-Spider-Bat..Man

** Updates...

8) Halo-UNSC (As requested!)

Refer to the Steam-Preview row of images for more hints.


My textures aren't fully compressed (TC_Parameter) like XCom2/WotC defaults (wrecking DXT5 filter). They offer much better resolution quality at the expense of bad rendering performance on some but rare Low-End PC(s). If you're getting (heavy!) slow-downs during Skyranger flights.. i might have a solution for this weird effect -- giving a custom UPK library that hooks Lo-Res files instead. If there's enough demands, i'll just have to add a Drop-Box link to that file here (!*!) later.


-- Zyxpsilon.
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May 20, 2018 @ 7:51pm
Suggestion.. Requests..
< >
Zyxpsilon  [author] Feb 23 @ 7:46am 
Sorry.. no can do -- anymore!
The TLE expansion heavily broke my SDK modding toolset (including the ModBuddy compiler itself).. so, i won't be able to produce or update anything. Not in the near future anyway.
Goliath Le Redneck Feb 22 @ 11:35pm 
Killzone logos like the helghast or the isa ?
Zyxpsilon  [author] Jul 11, 2018 @ 8:28pm 
No idea.. maybe it's a Steam flaw or your ISP screws up the D/L process.
The mod has 172MBs in total.. so that's how much Steam should indicate.
Unless.. that 3.1 value is simply the packages flow average when downloading.
Arkhorail Jun 21, 2018 @ 11:07am 
Yes ! Exactly ^^
No problem if this take time, I play XCOM since the release of UFO : Enemy Unknown, no rush for me :steambored:
Zyxpsilon  [author] Jun 20, 2018 @ 10:59pm 
Show me the basic "Blood Raven" GFX & i'll think about it. But i should just wait until another major WarHammer version with a lot of variety & features (by two guys i know from our private Discord CX community of modders) gets released soon.
Last i checked, they might have official files in a week or two.
Arkhorail Jun 20, 2018 @ 10:35pm 
Hey !
Awsome work ;) Do you think you can make some Blood Raven thing for Warhammer 40.000 ?
Some armors are out and an awsome Space Marine squad NEEDS an awsome Skyranger :):xcom2ranger:
Zyxpsilon  [author] May 8, 2018 @ 4:43pm 
Oh yes.. that very cool "Eagle Symbol"!
I had first planned to insert it on the Avenger decal itself.. but couldn't really find enough empty space for it along with the rest. Now that i've seen how the Hal--O-- integrated quite well on their Decal, i'm fairly sure it could be dropped into the Top-Left area without much troubles ... not as a purely stand-alone version though. After all, "Avengers" somewhat belong to the SHIELD organization.

I'll just have to update #3. Next version of this mod.. along with the newly planned #9 (Star Trek).

Patience. :)
barraganap May 8, 2018 @ 3:17pm 
Good call on the Avengers one. :)
Any chance of getting a decal for SHIELD? :D