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[WOTC] Additional Soldier Console Commands
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Apr 25 @ 11:10pm
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[WOTC] Additional Soldier Console Commands

Currently adds two new console commands that can be used from the armory:

Levels up just the currently selected soldier in the armory screen. The optional Ranks parameter lets you specify how many ranks to increase.

Refreshes the ability tree and rerolls the XCOM abilities for the currently selected soldier in the armory screen. Used to update a class ability tree on an existing soldier that has been changed due to new mods or mod updates. Can use the optional parameters to change the soldier's class and rank (up or down).

Use this instead of the MakeSoldierAClass command to change classes with proper XCOM abilities support. Supports classes that use the Highlander's ClassesExcludedFromAWCRoll functionality.

If you think there is a need for additional commands, leave a suggestion.

NOTE: I have only tested this with regular classes - I'm not sure how it interacts with RPG Overhaul.
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Mother Night Jun 13 @ 2:26am 
Thank you very much!

With the many nice alien Allies mods (which I use and love), how about a command that will work with those, to let us change the species of a soldier?
Drumheller May 30 @ 1:37pm 
"Can use the optional parameters to change the soldier's class and rank (up or down)." What are the optional parameters? Can you make a little more of a detailed readme on how to use the commands?
shiremct  [author] May 7 @ 11:37am 
The primary purpose of this mod is to help integrate other mods or mod updates into a mid-campaign game, so yes. :)
Soapy Soap May 7 @ 11:34am 
Does this work with "in-progress" games? Meaning can I play without having to restart my game progress.
| Oz | Vash May 4 @ 9:48pm 
@shiremct tysm for this mod. It makes RPGO so much better =) adding custom classes and testing mid game. Really appreciate it!
yup that was it ..dang i feel dumb :(
shiremct  [author] May 4 @ 5:26am 
The Ranks parameter should just be a number, so just "LevelUpSelectedSoldier 7". You still need the training center to be able to purchase multiple abilities from the same rank.
ATF_Coldblooded Carebear || May 3 @ 10:46pm 
i have 2 questions
1) the command to level up is LevelUpSelectedSoldier Ranks7 but the issue is that no matter with configuration i used ( with space, without space for number of rank w/o S at the end) it always rank up once.. so what i'm doing wrong^

2) whenever i used this command i only get one skill even if i have enough to AP for a other in the same level... is that normal??
| Oz | Vash Apr 27 @ 11:36pm 
@shiremct I just noticed your are the author of the [WOTC] Proficiency Mini Support Class Pack
I actually looked at the ini files and love your abilities so I actually added one into the RPGO just to mess around. Im using the Iron Man skin and named the class Iron Man vXCom. Only if i can find away to use Null Lance or a beam ability to shoot out of his hand lol. So far im using the tech part of it. Also messed around with the medic part and made a battle medic. Anyways add me or msg me if you want ill share it with you. It is yours after all =).
| Oz | Vash Apr 27 @ 9:28pm 
O ya it is lol it such a time saver.