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NSC-Insurgent Class Strategic Assault Vessel
Blueprint: Capital Vessel
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NSC-Insurgent Class Strategic Assault Vessel

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Nexus Solar Corps
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This is the Nexus Solar Corps' first ship of the line. We proudly present to you, the Insurgent Class Strategic Assault Vessel, or Insurgent SAV for short.

This vessel is NOT cheap. Cost was never a factor when designing this vessel. It was designed to fulfill a purpose; A purpose only a loaded and large pocket could truly make a reality.

Construction of this vessel was kept as an absolute secret. Only a select few knew it by it's code name: "Project Bastinado". A bastinado is a type of blunt edged weapon designed for torturing someone by hitting the soles of someones feet. Sounds quite odd that there is a weapon specific for feet, but just think about it. An enemy who can't even stand up will be a far less dangerous threat. This is exactly what this ship is designed for. Destroying Enemy Bases, or the main force of an enemy fleet, crippling them down into dust.

This ship however, takes it name for another purpose as well. As the name suggests, The Insurgent class is a fast, maneuverable, and is an attack driven vessel. If you are looking for a heavy battleship to charge into battle, take as much punishment as possible, and walk away unscathed, then I'm sorry. This is not the ship for you. This ship is designed to get in, and get out. It's your choice how much scouting you do of enemy territories, or how many enemy ships or installations you choose to destroy while doing so. This is why, it's aptly classified as a Strategic Assault Vessel.

Do you want to strike fear into an enemy who just refuses peace? Load up as many Insurgent class vessels that you can muster, and launch a strategic assault that will leave your opponents trembling. This ship is far better suited for either solo reconnaissance missions, or joint strategic assaults with fellow players. The Nexus Solar Corps can not promise how safe you will be if engaged full on while heavily out numbered by opponents. We can however promise that the safety of whatever enemy whose in the firing range of your vessel, is microscopically slim to say the least.

This ship is designed for specific flight maneuvers for maximum payload damage. We will not release trade secrets publicly, but I'm sure anyone who sits behind the controls of this vessel, will know how, and why she was designed the way she was.

PLEASE NOTE: This ship is not quite finished. There will be more updates to come, improving certain ship textures (Some non-essential rooms are still unfinished), some weaponry adjustments (to turret targets mainly), Any Alpha 8.0 mandatory upgrades, and any future updates to keep this vessel compatible with the most up -to-date mechanics game play. (The moment Shield Arrays are added, this vessel will be the first build of mine to be re-worked with). If there are suggestions in the comments that I think are a great idea, I shall add them to the build, and add your name to the description under a new category of "Users who helped update this vessel."

Without any further ado, here are the ship specific specifications.

Insurgent Class Specifications:

Size class: 7.29
Dimensions: 104m x 126m x 32m
Mass: 60.9 KT
Fusion Cells Required to Fully Fuel: 849
O2 Bottles needed to Fully Oxygenate Vessel: 169


Cargo Boxes: - x18
Ammo Boxes: - x8
Fridges: - x1 T2 Fridge
Food Processor(s): - x1
Constructors: - x2 (Advanced)

Total Weapon Compliment:

Every Turret Allowed on a CV is equipped on this vessel and optimized for pure destruction.

Pulse Laser Armament: - x6
Rocket Launcher Armament: - x4

Resources Required to Manufacture the Insurgent:

Sathium Ingot: 52,379
Iron Ingot: 35,832
Silicon Ingot: 17,060
Cobalt Ingot: 8,795
Erestrum Ingot: 5,894
Zascosium Ingot: 5,894
Neodymium Ingot: 4,531
Copper Ingot: 3,547
Plastic Raw Materials: 78
Wood Planks: 35

Time Required for Production: 24 Hours, 57 minutes

We hope you enjoy your adventures in the Insurgent Class Strategic Assault Vessel. May you obliterate your enemies, and travel the final frontier. To continue whatever mission you desire; may that be exploring strange new worlds, seek out new life, or new civilizations.Or to boldly go, where no one, has gone before.....

Please check out other designs from the Nexus Solar Corps. This is a relatively new line, so keep your eyes out for new uploads!

((Insert link to NSC's collection here))

Nexus Solar Corps is a subsidiary of Nexus Space Industries. Please take the time to check out NSI's work, as most of it, is on a different level than NSC.

((Insert link to NSI's collection here))

If you like this model, please give a like, and subscribe to it! If you hate it, please leave a dislike AND TELL ME IN THE COMMENT SECTION, as to what I can improve. I know full well the interior isn't amazing. My skills are still on the "nooby"- decent side. So I aim to keep working on improving my work.

If you re-upload this blueprint without my consent, you will be punished. If you want to modify it in any way, feel free to ask in the comment section! I'll reply to your comment, and maybe even private message you! Just MAKE SURE to credit me, and link the original model! Pretty straightforward stuff for the EGS community, but I'd like the same respect that everybody deserves here!!!
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Gorn the Invictus  [author] Apr 24 @ 8:52pm 
@William Lassard I'm so glad you like my ship! I'll try to build more just as cool, but this might be the best I can come up with.....
William Lassard Apr 24 @ 11:17am 
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa sorry i just geeked out <3 <3 <3 lovey ship cant wait to rule the galaxy
Gorn the Invictus  [author] Apr 24 @ 10:20am 
@Iridius Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I really did try to build this with practicality as the priority, while still make the exterior look great. the interior isn't as pretty, but it's functional. I started building this as a complete Scout Vessel. Then I weaponized it, and felt it was great for scouting and assault like missions! The main reason I didn't make this all out of combat steel, is weight. I literally built this using the replace block commands testing what it'd feel like flying wise with all steel, all hardened steel, all Combat, and then Half Armored/Half Combat. I didn't like the way it felt with all Combat. So, I opted for the cheaper, and lighter solution, and she still flies like a beaut!

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback! <3
Gorn the Invictus  [author] Apr 24 @ 10:20am 
@khajjah Thank you for the comment <3 I look forward to hearing the results of your tests!

@Chaplain 5-15 Thank you so much for the comment. I never believed that it would make the front page, or any of my work for that matter, but, you were right!

@Masterchief_whg I had never thought about space empires while building this! But I totally get were you're coming from! I'm flattered nonetheless.

@jrandall If you couldn't tell by my steam name or steam handle, I am quite a big trekkie. So Star Trek ships are like my inspiration go to. I wanted a strong star trek vibe, but still keep it enough different from Star Trek, so that when I do make my star trek universe inspired ship, I can make enough differences in design!
Iridius Apr 23 @ 6:12pm 
Extremely well thought out design, one of the few nice looking ships I have seen where components are properly placed, isolated, and reduandant. Bottom side of the ship can take a good amount of damage, ideal for scouting PVE playfields. Lighter internal armor blocks with combat armor skin. Well done :)
jrandall Apr 23 @ 6:09am 
Nice looking ship. Has a bit of that Star Trek look especially seeing it from the top or bottom. Nice job.
masterchief_whg Apr 22 @ 6:19pm 
looks like a ship from space empires IV or V
Chaplain 5-15 Apr 22 @ 7:46am 
nice ship this will be on the front page soon.
khajjah Apr 21 @ 3:24pm 
Lovingly crafted. I look forward to testing its limits