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The Adriatic Princess
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The Adriatic Princess

Dubrovnik Dynamics presents: The Adriatic Princess.

Sick of weeks of time killing and dirty mining tours? Fed up with smudgy fingers and sweaty space suits?

Take a day or a few more off. Plunder your bank account and reward yourself with something special!

Take the Princess out for a ride. Visit your hard working friends and mining colleagues. Grab a Margarita from one of the ship´s cocktail bars. Sit down in your shiny leather upholstered sun lounger and watch them as they work their butts off, 5 decks below. Don´t forget to put a smile on your face. Enjoy life!

After satisfying your sadistic needs, call´em over! Invite them to a fancy party at the on-board disco lounge. Shake a leg on the dance floor. Do some karaoke with your buddies or play some video games, or take it slow. Light up a cigar and meet your guys at the fireplace bar. Get yourself a Brandy and enjoy a game of pool, or maybe you would like to play the piano? Possibilities are limitless on the Adriatic Princess.

Decades of craftsmanship converge in the Adriatic Princess. The Princess represents a new era in comfort, entertaining capability and performance. This stylish mega yacht makes its presence known with Dubrovnik Dynamics´ iconic lines and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Built to impress ...and to annoy the rest


Size Class 20 Luxury 5-Deck Mega Yacht

Overall Length: 49.5 m

Overall Width: 43.5 m

Overall Height: 18 m

Mass: 559 t

Stater Rooms:

2 x 1 star class cabin (WC / shower compartment w. manual shutters / entertainment center / minibar / porthole / A/C / keyless & automated door entry / auto lights)

2 x 2 stars class category "B" cabin (WC / shower room w. manual door / entertainment center / minibar / floor windows / A/C / keyless & automated door entry / auto lights)

2 x 2 stars class category "A" suite (WC / shower room w. manual shutters / entertainment center / minibar / front window row / A/C / keyless & automated door entry / auto lights)

2 x 3 stars class suite (WC / shower room w. manual door and auto shutters / entertainment center XL / TV / minibar / front panorama window row / A/C / keyless & automated door entry / auto lights)

2 x presidential suite (WC / shower room w. auto door and auto shutters / entertainment center XL / TV / minibar / back panorama window row / side windows / ext. bodyguard seating / A/C / keyless & automated door entry / private corridor / auto lights)

Recreation Facilities:

Board Restaurant (12 seats)

Cocktail Bar / Disco Lounge (karaoke machine / dolby surround sound system / video game entertaining system)

Cinema ( 12 seats / dolby surround sound system / auto shutters / auto lights)

Fireplace Bar

Sauna (dressed stone / Norway spruce / bamboo)

Whirlpool (Georgtown 3000 Pro Bubblepoo / heated floor)

Solarium (2 x Vulcan D-560 Thermo Roaster)

Several (Panorama) Lounges

Other Facilities:

Sick Bay (2 x sickbed w ECG / EEG / auto diagnostic and treatment system)

Conference Room (6 seats / multimedia entertainment- / presentation center XXL) / coffee kitchen / minibar)

Crew Facilities / Work Stations:

Cargo Hold (with locker room and cargo hatch)

Canteen / Restaurant Kitchen

Janitor Room

Crew Quarters ( 5 beds)

Main Bridge (deck 5)

Secondary Command Bridge / Work Station (main deck)

Captain´s Mess / Ready Room / Crew Recreation Area (dining table with integrated nav-module and holographic presentation system)

Captain´s Quarter (WC / shower/ whirlpool room w. auto door and auto shutters/ heated floor / multimedia entertainment center XXL w dolby surround system / mini bar / back panorama window row / side window row / A/C / keyless & automated door entry / auto lights)

Notification: This is a civil show vessel and comes only with minimum arming. Customers are free to upgrade and add weapon systems for their own needs.

Caution! Adding any new devices or structures will result in increasing the size class level to 21 in no time. ;)

Personal note from the creator:

After 6 weeks of building I´m kinda glad that this nightmare came to an end, lol. The project just grew bigger and bigger with no end in sight. But I´ve learned a lot and will take my experiences into my next project, which will definitely NOT reach size class 20 again!! :P The ship is not PVP capable! Being a civil luxury yacht speaks for itself that it´s not armed and armoured (except the windows). It is more a show vessel and will not have much practical use except to show of what is currently possible to build in Empyrion. But feel free to modify the vessel for your own needs. ;)

I would like to ask the devs for more textures, colors, blocks, multi display LCDs, and the possibility to control whole device groups via switches, sensors, etc. (especially RCS units...connecting 500 of them MANUALLY to one switch was a pita, lol). I also would wish that HVs could dock on SVs. Or, that small SV blocks could be mixed with CV blocks, so that there´s no more SV and / or CV class, but just one type of vessel. But that´s just my two cents.

Oh, and yes, light sensitive light devices would be VERY useful!

Hope you folks like my vessel a bit, and feel free to leave comment. :)

Special THX goes out to jrandall who has been so kind checking out the Princess before I published her. And thx for the good conversations, mate! ;) In case you haven´t checked out some of his works yet, do it! His projects are amazing!

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CrazyZ  [author] Jun 22 @ 10:52am 
Wow, moralarty! That´s a hell of a compliment! That´s amazing! What exactly was your job on those yachts?
moralarty Jun 12 @ 8:57am 
Looking at this... it makes you think what you could do if you could use SV blocks as non-structural blocks in CV builds. I used to build Super-Yachts for a living some of those didn't look as good as this!
keithmcbride4566 Jun 5 @ 3:52pm 
Work Of Art
Isaac Dark May 21 @ 3:36am 
Just amazing...
{SNS}HeroFallenVillain May 16 @ 1:51pm 
Sweet ride!

Yeah jrandall is awesome XP
Kyrt Malthorn May 7 @ 5:17pm 
The lights are a little overpowering. But it's really well detailed! The pianos and pool table are genius use of LCDs.
XQ渡鸦潪 May 4 @ 2:10am 
Too much light to reduce the light
LogicalPremise Apr 30 @ 5:07pm 
Despite being a civilian build this thing can take inadvertent hits better than most ships. Also, beautiful interior work. Makes everything I've made look like burned garbage!
CrazyZ  [author] Apr 26 @ 8:28am 
Thank you all guys! :-)

@Stormlord: you use this ship really ingame? Isn´t it a little too clumsy to land and too expensive to run? ^^ I have a common job, didn´t study design at all. I did a little 3d graphics for some yeas as a profession. But that was a more thankful and easier job than to figure out on Empyrion how a simple couch could be made out of those goddam SV-blocks, lol.

@masque: Hvala ti! :)

@Thegtgiant: Hajduk Split rulez! ^^
Priuloch Apr 24 @ 6:34pm 
i want it just to make the admins jealous