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Airport ALS Strobe Animated [Deprecated]
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Apr 13 @ 3:14am
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Airport ALS Strobe Animated [Deprecated]

Single approach light strobe prop for an airport approach lighting system. This is a low poly model with a lower poly LOD mesh.

Low poly model with 115 Tris and a 512x512 texture (Diffuse, Specular, Illumination), and a LOD with 14 Tris (uses a 64x64 texture).

There are 8 assets contained in this pack, Strobe[1-8]_Animated, and should be placed in their numerical order. So Strobe1_Animated will light before Strobe2_Animated beofre Strobe3_Animated, etc. Most Approach Light systems have between 10-15 strobes, however due to texture limitations, I decided to go with 8 instead. While it will not be correct, you can repeat the numbering (1-8, 1-7 to achieve 15), which will produce a result that is not too far off from reality.

I may adjust the animation properties in the future to achieve a better looking effect (as of right now I think it is a bit too slow).

These should be synchronized like in the attached video. To do so, pause the game and then place them with the game still paused. Additionally, upon loading, the game should synchronize any already placed assets.

You may also need to adjust the LOD distance for these to all display correctly (for some reason the animation doesn't seem to work on the LOD mesh).
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vasimr22  [author] Apr 14 @ 3:19am 
I am currently working on reworking my entire ALS assets list, which will be even cooler! (Decided to do both an 8 stage and a 16 stage sequencer).
AmiPolizeiFunk Apr 14 @ 3:17am 
this is bad ass!! :medkit: