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Dynamic Difficulty 2.1.x LEGACY - Ultimate Customization
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Apr 6, 2018 @ 4:01am
Dec 13, 2018 @ 11:14pm
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Dynamic Difficulty 2.1.x LEGACY - Ultimate Customization

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IMPORTANT: This version of the mod is going to continue supporting 2.1.x! For newer Stellaris versions go to: Dynamic Difficulty 2.2.x - Ultimate Customization

Ever had the problem that early game was way to hard and either you die early, or the game becomes boring very soon afterwards? Or do you think the game is too hard/easy in general and the player would deserve some bonuses/penalties? Or do you want stronger Fallen Empires. Or you want to reduce resource overflow in late game? Or, or, or...

Then this mod if for you! Now out of beta with many improvements: Better performance. Easier to use. Now allows setting Crisis and Marauder difficulty.

1. Choosing any of the Vanilla pre-defined difficulties in mid-game. Mod can even be installed mid-game.
2. Adds a pre-defined "Easy" difficulty with player bonuses.
3. "Scaling" difficulty can be combined with other predefined difficulties (added on top).
4. Is fully customizeable. You can change 12 different types of bonuses in 7 empire categories (AI, Player, FE+AE, Leviathans, Crisis, Marauders, Other) to a precision of 1% (10% for player) and in a huge range: -127% to + 1023% for AI, -100% to 200% for player and -75% to 5115% for crisis.
5. Allows locking of the customized difficulty for MP (Troll prevention) or other reasons. Unlock via sub-mod.

- If you have a game with the beta version active and want to switch to this version, run the game one last time with the beta. After one day, you should get a pop-up asking you if you want to uninstall it. Afterwards, save, close the game, disable the beta and activate this mod to get a clean switch. Failing to do so may leave "?" modifiers. Do not activate both this mod and the beta at the same time in the launcher when starting a game!
- Main menu can be opened via Mod Menu.
- Alternatively, the menu is started via a Country Edict.
- Science bonuses are given as RESEARCH SPEED. That is the same way as Paradox does it with their difficulty. Don't ask me why it is not on income like with all the other stuff.

I have strongly improved performance. TLTR: About 26 times faster than the beta.
Only modifiers that actually change are removed and applied.
I tried a test of doing 25 yearly updates on my laptop in a row with Huge Galaxy, 30 AIs, 5 FEs, 3 Marauders and standard scaling (thus changing modifiers every 4 updates).
The beta took 26 seconds for this, the final version about 1 second (Stellaris log isn't more precise than that).
If you still should have problems, you can activate a delay mode in the options
that let's the country updates on modifiers have a random delay, spreading the computations over half a Stellaris year.

- Can be added into a running game. You need to wait 1 day in this case before being able to open the menu.
- Can be uninstalled during a game (resetting to difficulty set when starting the game). Simply removing the mod will leave over "?" modifiers (who won't do anything), but there is an "uninstall" option in the Menu. Should you afterwards want to install the mod again in the same save-game, this will only work via console: "event custom_difficulty.20".
- Should have very few conflicts with other mods. Only overwrites vanilla difficulty settings. If a mod adds new country types (like a new crisis) they would fall in the "Other" category. New races and predefined empires will always be "AI" without a problem (checking for "default" country).
- Created for Stellaris 2.0.2. Compatible with 2.0.1, though the difficulty choice on game-start won't be correctly transformed into the mod due to changes in the vanilla system. Earlier version most likely not supported.
- (Obviously) Not Achievement compatible.

- "pt","en","fr", "de","pl","ru", "es" language files given but all mostly English. Most modifier and difficulty names are links to the Vanilla localization.
- Google Translated Sub-Mod can be installed to get more translations.
- 日本語翻訳

- Choose between simple (default) and custom mode. Simple mode only changes modifiers in three categories. Thus much less modifiers are needed which improves the performance even more. Switching between the two works without losing any previously done settings. Switching to simple will use the value of the first bonus (Minerals, Research, Weapon damage) as group bonus. When changing the group, values for all entries are still changed while in simple mod.
- Player Vassal Bonuses: Choose between giving them the same bonus as the player (default) or the AI bonuses.
- Delay Mode: Changed Modifier changes are either applied whenever closing the menu and at the start of each year (default) or 1-181 afterwards.

Sci-fi stuff[] by EyeSeeBlack[]
Sci Fi Matte Painting 091917[] by rich35211[]

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Khaine Incarnate May 4 @ 5:48am 
Thanks for keeping the Legacy version around, man! I can't stomach 2.2.
Gratak  [author] Feb 10 @ 2:28am 
Both ways work together with my mod
Gratak  [author] Feb 10 @ 2:27am 
No. Either use crisis manager or open console and type "event crisis.199" (that is prethoryn. unbidden is 1000, contingency 2005)
Can I start a crisis with it? I am getting boring xd
Gratak  [author] Dec 15, 2018 @ 3:49am 
Yeah, I updated the description of the unlock mod. It should work with both versions.
Joker Dec 15, 2018 @ 2:59am 
By the way does the old unlock mod work for this updated version?
Gratak  [author] Dec 13, 2018 @ 11:13pm 
Thanks for the appreciation. Here is the link to the 2.2.x version:
Chucko Dec 13, 2018 @ 2:20pm 
Thank you for putting so much time into this! I haven't really had any success enjoying 2.2 without your mod, so I'm stoked.
MightNight Dec 13, 2018 @ 1:53pm 
LITERALLY unplayable without it