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Level 3 Hull Tech
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Level 3 Hull Tech

Level 3 Hull Technologies

This mod adds a 3rd level of hull improvement technologies for all ship types and a 2nd level for the defence platform. They are supposed to be lategame technologies and are intended to be used with mods that add more and stronger Ship components like "Extra Ship Components 2.0" by NHunter, as I felt ships needed more hitpoints to keep up with stronger weapons.

I havent play tested this mod yet and im also not very experienced with modding so costs and numbers are probably not perfectly balanced

"New Ship Classes" Add-On:

"Space Combat Expanded" Add-on:
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DMOrigin Jul 10 @ 11:58am 
It run with 2.1. There is no complicated stuff in that mod. So the author needs to update the version information. There is only some issues with the localization. Some entries show the constants instead of the "given name".
Black-Rose.DL Jun 13 @ 11:06am 
Can anyone confirm (or deny) if this mod is still compatible with the 2.1 version? I don't care for the warning but of course i don't want to crash my game.
Thank you very much.
xnadu27 May 27 @ 7:16am 
Update for 2.1?
ZJK May 4 @ 1:50am 
Not sure if it's this mod or the SCX compatibility mod, but one of them appears to crash my game when I complete research that opens up new ships to construct. Not sure what information out of the crash log would be useful, but I'd love to give you the information you'd need.
xnadu27 Apr 27 @ 11:56am 
Hey, there is a mod called “Fallen Empire Ship & Stations”, it adds researchable FE ship classes, and was wondering if you could make a patch. Thanks!
Immortalits Mar 27 @ 8:17am 
how can you define the techs description and title? I couldn't find the files yet for my mod :/
Exende Mar 14 @ 10:51pm 
Ana Mar 14 @ 8:48am 
Thank you for the SCX patch! +1

Could you make this work with the Blueprint Unlimited: Starfighter Class - Mod, it adds a patrol ship that's a lesser form of a corvette.
Blueprint Unlimited: Starfighter Class - Mod
Lazy Invincible General Mar 14 @ 5:44am