Modder & Modpacker   Virginia, United States
I am an American, and proud. I am a Christian, and unashamed. I am a conservative, and that’s awesome. I also love video games, hence the Steam account. But most of all, I love God, and his Word.

The games I’m playing most right now are Stellaris and Ravenfield. I am also a modpacker/modder, so feel free to check out my stuff. Here’s what I am working on.

-Stellaris Ultimate Pack 2.1
-Various other collections
-Government Overhaul
-small mods here and there

Favorite Games

1 GOAT: Terraria
2: Supreme Commander 2
3: Stellaris
4: Smash 4
5: Ravenfield
6: Minecraft
7: Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
8: Halo 5: Guardians
9: Pokèmon OmegaRuby
10: SuperPower 2

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