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[ 2.0+] The Great Journey-Towards the halos
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Mar 4 @ 12:02am
Jun 8 @ 9:07am
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[ 2.0+] The Great Journey-Towards the halos

As is repeatly asked, here is the compatibility patch for sins of the prophet.
The created Rebellion, the guardian
Forerunner Precursor Events and shield world 006 Onyx
bug fixed
Flood Event, Discovery of the Ark ,Halo Activation as the last resort against flood

Guardian as forerunner colossus

Forerunner faction added
Ark starting system
New ship model Fortress Class as Forerunner Titan
Covenant AI balanced
Great Journet for covenant!, balance needed, a bit too OP
!!First 2.0 new mod features,!!!
-Cole Protocal:UNSC can now disable all hyperlane connection to Earth with one gateway available for UNSC only for 10 years through edicts "Cole Protocal" (Just a small experiment for forerunner)
-Re-added UNSC Colonies from the early version
-Bug fixed on sanghelis and UNSC
-----------------------------------------Update 2-3.5----------------------------
all halo nation will be forced to spawn in every game
random generated halos (7) and shield worlds added
-----------------------------------------Update 1-3.4---------------------------------------------
pre alpha version! Use at your own risk.
Current Content:
UNSC& Covenant Factions
Ship Models
High Charity
---------------------Yes, That's it so far, at least we have our framework functioning again.
--------------Future update----------------
All remaining contents in The Great Journey 1.5 version
Additional events involving the earth portgate to The Ark
Ship Models quality imporvement.
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turtletank2006 Dec 8 @ 3:40pm 
DrakenRolle Dec 8 @ 11:34am 
please update 2.2 <3
turtletank2006 Dec 7 @ 10:39pm 
@lord Zarmack can you update mod to 2.2?
turtletank2006 Dec 7 @ 7:00pm 
Hey guys can you update the forerunner buidings for 2.2? thanks
CLᴺ | ๖ۣۜLancelot Dec 5 @ 6:39pm 
the covenant is hell, I can't even play without them forcing me to join
Random™ Nov 29 @ 4:52am 
Then learn how to read the files, I literally told you what to look for. Also again, test the mod yourself if the author is neglecting to give proper info
theredhawk97 Nov 28 @ 5:00pm 
I'm harping on this because it's probably one of the reason people pefer Sins over this (besides the fact that Sins has better ship models), it's because their mod pages are clean, and clearly laid out, with important infomation right there while this has infomation all over the place with enough dashes and dots that it's starting to look like Morse Code. First Impressions count for alot and the first impression I get from this is that the Mod author has no idea what he/she is doing.
theredhawk97 Nov 28 @ 5:00pm 
This still doesn't fix the issue the issue that this mod page is a mess, I'm kind of annoyed because steam clearly already gave Mod authors a way to show update note: the Change notes which, if you must know where it is, is below the posted and update date. They do this so authors don't fill the description with pointless infomation and give the main features and neccesaties for this mod to work upfront. Not everyone knows how to get to the mod files and not everyone knows how to read said mod files and what they mean.
Random™ Nov 28 @ 3:52pm 
also the megastructures of this mod require utopia (obviously) and have you been sure to run the mod without any other mods to make sure its not a compatability issue?
Random™ Nov 28 @ 3:51pm 
When I said check the game files, i didn't mean check to see if the mod is there smh. I meant check if in the mod files if it says certain features require dlc it would say something along the lines of

"base = 0
modifier = {
host_has_dlc = "Utopia"
add = 100"

also you do know you can always buy the dlc and refund it if you are that concerned about it right? be intuitive instead of complaining about the mod on the workshop like everyone else