Isle of Wight, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
26, have H-F Aspergers, Always looking for a good Convo,anti-Politicaly Correct, AKA= Non bullshitters. Outcasts of Social norms! Welcome. ----Old Red Legion. Oldscool Hat. Married, to a amazing Psycopathic Red Hair'd Bitch that i Adore. -- We do not forget. we do not forgive. no surrender. we Dont stop. we are legion. We Adapt and we will endure. -- ive no Interest To talk to people that hold their morals low and walk over people, you can walk on. Biggots, Suits, Kids who think they have a fucking clue. Lefty Shit talkers who preach unity and co-operation, then stab you in the back. have some honor. pride and self worth. Family is always first. Find love and finding happyness is life, get your priorities right. - You cant take what you own with you. Live Well, Live free.

Who dares wins. and who wins shapes the future.

to my kin be proud to be diferent, dyvercity is essential and hold your head high. your condition is evolutionary and you are essential to humanity, be strong and suvive and you will find peace,Learn war and Always strive to learn more.If you have hate, use it to do good, if you have good use it to do good. All energy can be converted, used and applied to your desire.

it simply requires understanding. Do not give in. Do not give up. Dont back down. Folow your own path. Never stop, Never surrender your morals.
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Fallout 4
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Wintermute ✉ Aug 12 @ 2:48am 
Mackacorn Jul 12 @ 2:14pm 
hey can you update your stellaris halo mod?
LordZarmack Jul 10 @ 11:46pm 
"Thats what i remember of it- but yf22 may have changed it- i havent been modding stellaris (Halo mod for years) as real life commitments became more important.
LordZarmack Jul 10 @ 11:45pm 
you can also spawn the flood by settling "a halo ring". (30%) chance
LordZarmack Jul 10 @ 11:45pm 
back on 2.6 - the flood spawned when you triggerd the halo even by scanning "a halo". (random change of 10%) - so try that.
Nick Jul 10 @ 8:22pm 
How does the Flood spawn ?