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Immersive Empire Names
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Feb 4 @ 2:49pm
Feb 22 @ 4:30pm
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Immersive Empire Names

This mod adds more interesting, more memorable procedurally generated names for various types of empires to the game while also retaining the old names,

Hive Minds
Devouring Swarms
Religious Empires
Representative Democracies
Direct Democracies
Imperial Cults
-It even names the cults themselves
Non-Fanatic Authoritarian Empires
Empires with the Shadow Council CIvic
-They are basiclaly impiled to be something like the illuminati now

I will keep updating this mod as time goes by, i plan to add new names for fanatic authorirtarian empires next (basiclaly they will be implied to be like the party from 1984, and farenheight 451

Reccomended Mods
Any Of My Other Mods

Required Mods

None, I do not alter any vanilla files so this should work with any mod.

2/22/2018 updated to 2.0
2/11/2018 Added many new name generators for democratic empires.
2/4/2018 updated to 1.9
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UntrustedLife  [author] May 5 @ 5:30pm 
it should be,
bratrstvoNODKane May 5 @ 7:02am 
Hello, is this backwards compatible with 1.9 version?
In_The_Motion Apr 5 @ 8:05am 
welcome to the club
Renown Apr 2 @ 7:16pm 
So... I ALMOST really like this mod. I like new names, but unfortunately your "conspiracy" or "cult" styled names are really... unbearable! I'd almost prefer this mod in modular format if possible... so I could pick and choose which set of immersive names I get. Partially because running the ethics/civics mods that I am... nearly 1/3rd of the galaxy gets renamed this absolutely ridiculous names.
Alistar Mar 20 @ 9:30am 
Found a typo, in your name list search for "Combied" and replace it with "Combined"
Nerf Expertise Mar 14 @ 5:22pm 
Strangely this mod isn't achievement compatible (I found out by exclusion). Any chance it will be made compatible?
UntrustedLife  [author] Mar 9 @ 6:27am 
Yeah, you may want to stop using the other outdated mod. You might be able to tag into then in the console and change their names that way.
UntrustedLife  [author] Mar 9 @ 6:25am 
My code shouldn’t have had any effect on the marauders.
In_The_Motion Mar 9 @ 5:24am 
i tried to play with them, the console commant doesnt work, cuz im not still using your mod, but one outdated a long time ago and i ve seen they were nameless, so trying to give them some dignity i tried but failed in console
UntrustedLife  [author] Mar 9 @ 4:59am 
I think marauder splinter factions get their own special names so I’m not sure. Also, kln if you can make it work
I’ll gladly add French localizations!