Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Hex Colors
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Hex Colors

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CS: Mods for asset creators
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Mod adds text fields for exact color indication in HEX format - FF0000, 00AADD, 11EECC etc.
I did it for myself, but I hope it is useful to other modders/asset creators.

Mod is incompatible with Ploppable RICO.
With the RICO enabled, the fields with HEX-color is not visible in the AssetEditor (as well as the standard tree/props panels is not visible with RICO on).

Tested for compatibility with:
  • 81 Tiles
  • Advanced Buildings Editor
  • AnimUV Params
  • Asset ItemClass Changer
  • Asset Prefab(+Building) AI Changer
  • Asset UI Category Changer
  • Asset UI Priority Changer
  • Camera Positions Utility
  • Custom Light Effects
  • Extended Asset Editor
  • Fine Road Anarchy
  • ModTools
  • More Beautification
  • More Network Stuff
  • MoveIt
  • NetworkSkins
  • Prefab Hook
  • Prop & Tree Anarchy
  • Prop Line Tool
  • Prop Precision
  • PropRotating Params
  • PropSnapping
  • Transparency LODs Fix
  • Ultimate Eyecandy
In any case, write here in case of found bugs or incompatibility.

Репозиторий на GitHub'е[].

TranslationFramework from BloodyPenguin was used to multilanguage support.
Many thanks boformer for modding tutorials[].
Special thanks to BloodyPenguin for the tips.

News of Russian-speaking community Cities: Skylines - on our page vKontakte: Cities: Skylines[]
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Shannanigan Feb 18 @ 9:06am 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! :D
Titan Feb 7 @ 11:25am 
Finally! <3 A shame that CO couldn't do that
targa  [author] Feb 5 @ 3:30pm 
@BadPeanut, good idea. I will do that.
BadPeanut Feb 5 @ 3:08pm 
I mean RGB format like
R 255
G 255
B 255
Avanya Feb 5 @ 8:42am 
Awesome! This will be very handy to have. :steamhappy:

[MY] H4F1Z: IPT2 already has a box for hex colors for public transport. ;)
Fistandantillus7 Feb 5 @ 2:25am 
I thought hex values were RGB: RRGGBB?
I agree with [MY] H4F1Z about the public transit lines.
BadPeanut Feb 4 @ 7:36pm 
Could you add an option to replace the hex fields with RGB as they are more often used in getting exact values for the game?
[MY] H4F1Z Feb 4 @ 9:05am 
oh... If its available in the normal game mode it would be great as I wouldn't be scratching my head to find the exact same colours for my public transport lines..
targa  [author] Feb 4 @ 8:41am 
[MY] H4F1Z, what do you mean talking about "normal game mode"? This mod appointed for AssetEditor.
[MY] H4F1Z Feb 4 @ 8:14am 
Uh is this working in normal game mode? Because if it isn't, it would be great to have it in normal game mode too..