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Road Options (Road Colors Changer ++)
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May 24, 2017 @ 2:30pm
Jun 10, 2017 @ 7:06am
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Road Options (Road Colors Changer ++)

Change road colors, remove crosswalks, remove road markings and more.

Provides sliders to change road colors per road category.

Lets you remove crosswalks and road markings (Highways, Vanilla small and medium roads done so far, rest coming soonish).

You can use this mod to remove road arrows and roadside props like parking meters and fire hydrants as well.

Current Features:
  • Color change for all roads/highways.

  • Highways markings removal.

  • Vanilla Small Roads markings and crosswalk removal.

  • Vanilla Medium Roads markings and crosswalk removal.

  • Global Road Arrows removal.

  • Global Random Roadside Props(hydrants, parking meters, electricity boxes, etc) removal

Planned features:

  • Vanilla Large Roads markings and crosswalks removal

  • Per-category arrows and props removal

  • NExt2 roads

  • Maybe lights, bus/tram stops, highway signs, manholes, etc. could be removed too :p

  • Eventually I'd like to allow for each road to have its own settings, instead of being categorized. But that's a lot of work so it's more of a wish-list item.

How to use



Load city.

Open Options Menu.

Change Colors.

Hold SHIFT to lock sliders and change all 3 colors at the same time.

Colors are updated upon releasing slider handle. (Updating live is too memory intensive.)

There are options to remove zebra crossings and/or lines/markings. (Large roads not done yet. Nor any of NExt2 roads.)

You can also remove road arrows and roadside random props. Once removed, you'll need to reload the game from main menu or restart the game for props and arrows to reappear if you change your mind.

NOTE: This mod doesn't actually remove the crosswalk lanes and the ability for Cims to cross the street. It only removes the white stripes part of the texture. Cims will still be able to cross the road at intersections even if you disable crosswalks with this mod. To prevent cims from actually crossing, you need to use TM:PE.

Known issues

  • Tunnel entrance prefabs are not affected.
    Tunnel entrance prefab uses a different shader and is missing the textures completely. I haven't figured out how to change those... if you know, tell me :D
  • Lod's aren't perfect, but I've maxed the lod render distance so it's least noticeable.

Incompatible mods

Network Extensions is incompatible, please use Network Extensions 2.


Thanks to hyperdrive_engage for original mod and to cylon33 for previous version.

If you like this mod, please take a moment to rate+, it really helps me stay motivated to continue creating mods for the community. Also, if you're feeling generous and want to show some appreciation, consider making a small donation or becoming a Patron. While not required, it is always a great incentive. Thank you.


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StayHungryStayFoolish Nov 20 @ 11:06am 
If you do the change of lights with Network Skins, the color of the road will go back on that part to standard color.
StayHungryStayFoolish Nov 20 @ 8:38am 
@Keiko Agenda great work for the community. I would have sent you an award.
Keiko Agenda Nov 20 @ 8:32am 
Troubleshooting Hint if you want to use this mod in conjunction with "Network Skins (Sunset Harbor compatible)"

Do NOT turn on the following settings:
- Remove Lane Arrows on all roads
- Remove Crosswalks
- Remove Markings

I've never used the option "Remove Random Streetside Props" in "Road Options" Mod, but my guess is it will conflict too... Try this option for yourself please

If you enable those options, both mods start to fight about who is allowed to place markings and crosswalks and stuff. The result for me were freezes when opening the road menu and (more critical) autosave failes.
The Autosave tries to save and the autosave-process crashes. The game keeps on running but on the next autosave cycle the game notices that the last autosave process is still running and therefor crashes the game. This and the often occured freezes were pretty annoying.
Keiko Agenda Nov 20 @ 8:32am 
I took some time to investigate the issue and found the fix by disabling this options in "Road Options" Mod. Unfortunatly there were no logs hinting me in the right dirction so it was a long progress of trial and error. Output_log.txt showed nothing during the freezes and just recognized the fact on crashing that the prior autosave-cycle was still hanging and therefor crashed the game, but it did not state why it was corrupted. Sometimes the game crashed after 2 cycles, sometimes after 10 cycles. Guess the timer for autosave-cycle + the freezing that occured sometimes when building roads made it trip.

After I disabled those options my game runs just fine despite having both mods active, no more freezes and autosave crashes (just finished a 4 hour session with autosave set to 5 minute intervall).

This way you can benefit from the option to color all roads using "Road Options" and to benefit from all the nice things "Network Skins" provide.
Keiko Agenda Nov 20 @ 8:32am 
I'll cross post this comment on the other Mod-Page too.

Additional Hint:
If you change the option on an existing city, you have to check your road network. There were severall intersections which got markings and crosswalks after i disabled those options. My guess is, that on those networks "Road Options" was the winner of the conflict and by disabling it went back to default. Other Intersections had no change and still were in a state I set them up to, so I guess Network Skins won the conflict on those segments.

@Author: Yeah I know this Mod is abandoned, but maybe some1 can take it to a point to make this hint visible or at least the comment section folks might notice and spread info =)
StayHungryStayFoolish Nov 18 @ 1:40pm 
@Long En You need to see this:
Long En Nov 18 @ 1:29pm 
@StayHungryStayFoolish Thank you for replying to my question. Now I have a problem. I don't know how to modify the color of the highway. I don't like the original gray. I hope it can be changed to black. This mod can change the color of the highway before, but it will be reset to gray in some cases, so I'm very distressed. Do you have any good suggestions?
StayHungryStayFoolish Nov 18 @ 11:31am 
@Long En

It is compatible. Read below:

"Road Options (Road Colors Changer ++) is totally outdated and there are several issues with that mod depending on the Mod-setup one uses. Therefore i can't recommend using that mod anymore - even if NS is compatible to it."
Long En Nov 18 @ 11:29am 
[ID:1758376843] "Network Skins":
-Compatible with urban skyline 1.13.0-f8
-Incompatible: [ID: 932192868] "road colors changer + +"
FlyingThunder Oct 31 @ 8:06am 
Changing the color of all roads does not work for the 4 Lane Highway / 2+1 Highway of NExt2, all other roads work though