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Network Tiling
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Network Tiling

Loads custom tiling values for network segment and node textures.

The mod is required for people who want to use networks which depend on this mod.

Makes it easier for asset creators to texture networks (roads, walls canals etc.) by allowing to control the tiling amount.
Depending on the situation, might make textures look better or be more efficient.

Example network using this mod: Concrete Retaining Wall by Lost Gecko

Asset creators need to mark this mod as required if they use the script:
The mod is not required for running the script and saving the asset, only for loading it ingame.
If you load a road with custom tiling in the editor again, the tiling you set won't show up, but it's still saved and will show up ingame.

Source Code:

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Asset Requests

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laces2214 Jun 25 @ 2:16pm 
Is this mod still necessary with park life now having native fencing. I have a few of the "network" fences downloaded, NOT running the mod and they still work?
Mariska Hargitaylor Swift May 29 @ 3:54pm 
I would kill for a chainlink fence network
Th3_Jok3r_BR May 28 @ 8:08am 
yeah! Thank you.
Ronyx69  [author] May 10 @ 4:24am 
@UncleYar Well he kind of can in a hacky way, what really needs to happen is CO needs to fix how custom networks are saved, the elevated etc. types get renamed all to the same thing, which is what causes the duplicate prefab error.
UncleYar May 10 @ 4:04am 
@Ronyx Wow, that stairs/pedestrian path network looks really cool, I've never seen anything like it on the workshop. But it seems nobody ever managed to use it. I get the same duplicate prefab error with it that people have been reporting. Seems like the guy needs help to fix his problem.
Ronyx69  [author] May 10 @ 2:31am 
@UncleYar Well actually modeled stairs are possible, there are these on the workshop: but yeah you could makes flat ones with just a normal map, there are problems with both solutions because the network system isn't made for it.
UncleYar May 10 @ 1:19am 
I wish someone used this to make pedestrian stairs. All the ingredients are here in theory right? Use normal maps to give the illusion of stairs, control the tiling so the stairs look good no matter how you place the network. Guess all that's left is picking the texture depending on the angle, I don't know if that's possible.
Bento Gambin Apr 26 @ 10:24pm 
@mj_designs1 this mod is different than PLT, because the walls placed with this one count towards the node/segment limit, and the PLT walls count (and pretty fast i might say) towards the prop limit.
mj_designs1 Apr 15 @ 9:33pm 
is this mod same as ( Prop Line Tool [PLT] vAlpha) mod or no, i mean does it have the same function or it's different, its just i have a lot of mods and i don't want to install 2 mods have same function.