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Multiple Galaxies V0.01
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Dec 22, 2017 @ 3:56pm
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Multiple Galaxies V0.01

Multiple Galaxies Mod

Please be aware before downloading that this mod is still in development. The mod has been uploaded publicly for testing and recommendations. The mod utilises the Utopia and Leviathan DLC so please ensure that you have these before downloading this mod. I would also recommend to not use other mods in conjunction with this mod, to prevent unwanted behaviour and to accurately identify any issues that the mod currently has.

The current version of the mod consists of a static galaxy map that contains 2 merging galaxies and 2 separate galaxies, all of which are joined by a 'gate hyperlane'. These gates are currently defended by fallen empires to prevent the player from expanding into the other galaxies right away.

I have added a complete terra incognita to make the feeling of exploration much more exciting. Also the mod uses a ‘makeshift’ border system to imitate the potential changes that we will see with patch 2.0, the reason for this is that this mod is being designed with these changes in mind. I will potentially remove the ‘gateways’ between galaxies and replace them with wormholes upon the release of 2.0. Also, please only play this mod with hyperlanes as the FTL, as for the same reason as stated above.

To do list
- Incorporate Space Age primitives for more flavour
- Develop fallen empire scripts and for them to be able to occupy neighbouring worlds
- Create a new UI menu for new game starts
- Optimise code and scripts
- Create other variations of this galaxy map and to eventually create more maps
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Hunterfish | 3D > 2D Apr 8 @ 6:28am 

Hey how is the update going?
JR Apr 3 @ 8:56am 

yeah, that one's on you.
Kingdark Mar 8 @ 12:18pm 
@kepos, hey man, please choose your words a bit better. For a moment I thought the mod actually got updated. But the mod doesn't appear to have been updated. It says 'posted 23 dec' with no 'updated tag' so... You got my hopes up for a moment there :(
Kepos Mar 8 @ 9:20am 
Thumbs up for updating this fine mod. Looking forward getting some very unique games out of it.
Kingdark Mar 7 @ 3:00pm 
This is exactly what I was looking for! I'll just have to be patient for you to update your mod! Thank you for your effort!
Coops.da.Loops Mar 6 @ 12:43am 
Idea: make it so you can only see the galaxy you spawn in, until you research an endgame technologie that means you can now travel to other galaxy.
Alerios Mar 5 @ 9:47am 
What's up Langdelliooo ? Is it hard to update ? (I think yes 'cause the 2.0 change a lot, concerning the empires and the new structure + pirates)
lyndonguitar Mar 5 @ 9:24am 
having a destroyed gateway(2-way if possible) or wormhole to connect both galaxies will be awesome
JR Mar 5 @ 8:05am 
Hey, absolutely love this mod. I missed playing this way since, like, forever.

however, I wonder if it'd be possible to force spawning locations, so for example you put in 4 other empires, and everyone gets their own galaxy? would make an awesome multplayer game.
Langdelliooo  [author] Feb 27 @ 8:51am 
Hi all, just wanted to inform you all that this mod is currently incompatable with 2.0, however I am currently working on an update which I hope to release to you all very soon. I have taken everyones feedback and I am looking into old and new bugs. Please keep your suggestions coming to help make this mod as great as it can be. Thank you all for your patience :)