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Profitable Offices
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Nov 30, 2017 @ 7:24pm
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Profitable Offices

Profitable Offices helps you earn more money from office zones.

Source code available at:

Big thanks to Zenya ( ) for sharing his Profitable Tourism mod ( ), from which this mod extends from!

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9/16/2018 @ 7:15p CST
* Recompiled & tested against the latest API versions (ICities, ColossalManaged, Unity, Assembly-CSharp, etc.)
using bare vanilla assets (my mod was the only mod installed & enabled).
All is working well, however if you notice any issues at all, please
let me know. Please, also supply any other mods non-stock assets you have installed.
* Fixed an issue concerning a hard coded debug variable that referenced to an on-disk file.

Please unsubscribe from the mod and re-install. Ensure that in your Content Manager (at the main menu of CS) that you only have the latest version installed (version If you continue having issues with this mod after doing so, please verify the integrity of your game files (through the Steam interface) and contact me.

I am still actively developing this mod. I apologize for the delay in the hot-fix. Another mod is actively in the works for Cities Skylines and I am considering, in the near future, another mod for Profitable Mass Transit (@Gurning Chimp).

Thank you,
- Mr #1
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Mrnr1  [author] Sep 16 @ 6:06pm 
:steamhappy: [h1] Profitable Offices Update v1.1 [/h1] :steamhappy:
Update committed @ 7:15 CST on 9/16/2018.

I apologize for the delay. However, I have just recompiled & tested against the latest API versions (ICities, ColossalManaged, Unity, Assembly-CSharp, etc.), including but not limited to a few other insignificant bug fixes. I have no issues running this version on a bare vanilla save. If you continue having issues, please provide me with an in-depth description of how to re-create the issue, including which other mods & DLC that you have installed & enabled at the time of the issue and other details (error messages, log files, etc.).

Source code on Github is updated. Thank you for your support! More updates will continue to come to this mod as necessary, please continue to provide the feedback ya'll have been :) 9/16/2018

@Snakitch , @AbstracTMind , @peter.petr87 , @KittenCanaveral , @Veign
Snakitch Aug 29 @ 9:01am 
Same here. Reinstalling only helps until I restart the game.
AbstracTMind Jul 16 @ 8:25am 
I keep getting the xml error soon as I try to enable the mod. I've reinstalled 3 times now.
peter.petr87 May 20 @ 3:01pm 
Hi I have a question - why while testing this mode the tax income from residantal buildings drops very much from 500k to 114k? while offices income increase?
Is that normal?
KittenCanaveral May 6 @ 4:48pm 
The ( ) is seeming to triping Steam's malicious link flag, you may want to add a space between them.
Mrnr1  [author] Mar 10 @ 7:17am 
@Gurning Chimp There used to be a mod for that, it looks like the author took it down. I will certainly look into this. Thanks for the suggestion!
Gurning Chimp Mar 7 @ 4:13pm 
Any chnce of profitable Mass transit at some point? ;)
Veign Mar 4 @ 1:22pm 
@Mrnr1, It works now. Thanks.
Mrnr1  [author] Mar 4 @ 10:15am 
@Veign, please try reinstalling the mod. This is usually an issue with a corrupt installation. Feel free to message me if the issue persists.
Veign Jan 28 @ 7:45pm 
Profitable Office ModOptions.xml file not found.