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Mail Add-on for Cargo
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Nov 17, 2017 @ 6:43am
Feb 1 @ 7:31am
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Mail Add-on for Cargo

This MOD adds mail to the cargo of the goods transport vehicle. (truck, wagon, ship, plane and etc.)

Please add this MOD after the order of PostMOD(BETA or Release Version) and NewIndustryMOD.

Required Mods

  • Add-on mail for All goods cargo transport vehicles.
  • Advanced: TpFMM (transport fever mod manager)[] mod settings;
    • enable/disable Base vehicles
    • enable/disable Mods vehicles
    • enable/disable Dlcs vehicles
    • enable/disable carrier of Road/Tram/Rail/Water/Air vehicles
  • Advanced: In the case of Post Mod Release Version and only "MAIL" vehicles;
    • Upgrade to "MAIL" and "UNSORTED_MAIL" vehicles.
  • Advanced: In the case of only New Industry 2.5x and "UNSORTED_MAIL" vehicles;
    • Downgrade to only "MAIL" vehicles.

This MOD will only maintenance such as bug fixes.
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themeatballhero Aug 6 @ 7:40pm 
oh cool! thanks for the clarification! i was having issues with unsorted mail not showing on some of the boxcars and the canadian national baggage car. I'll try restarting it
overcomeon  [author] Aug 6 @ 11:57am 
You can use this mod in the following three cases.

Case A: use only post mod
(must in this order to enabled, and disabled unused mod)
1. Post Mod
2. Mail Add-on for Cargo

Case B: use only new industry mod
(must in this order to enabled, and disabled unused mod)
1. New Industry Mod
2. Mail Add-on for Cargo

Case C: use both mods (post mod and new industry mod)
(must in this order to enabled)
1. Post Mod
2. New Industry Mod
3. Mail Add-on for Cargo
themeatballhero Aug 5 @ 8:47pm 
for clarification, use either post mod or new industry mod but not both?
Reed.Lim May 16 @ 1:47pm 
it cant work
Oldhip Apr 28 @ 9:11pm 
Dont think it works, not for me anyway and I spent hours on it.
WobblyWasp Mar 22 @ 9:57pm 
So, this mod will allow me to haul mail in any vehicle that carries goods? Is that correct? I'm sorry I'm very confused
jhughes Mar 21 @ 8:14am 
@EmperorDarthSidious this mod only modifies vehicles to carry mail.. You need some mod that produces mail to carry in the first place (New Industry or Post Mod Beta) first.
EmperorDarthSidious Feb 4 @ 9:48am 
Thank you ;) Ooow and by the way, can this mod also be used as stand-alone ? You see, I'm not using the New Industry or Post Mod Beta because the postmod Beta isn't stable yet, and with the new industry mod (latest version) loading vehicles seems to go even slower then in the original game...sorry for asking things twice man.

overcomeon  [author] Feb 4 @ 9:06am 
@ChancellorPalpatine: That mail-beetle will available at the following vehice mods.
Postfahrzeuge EU (Add-on - Post Mod von nown) []
Postfahrzeuge USA (Add-on - Post Mod von nown) []

That vehicle mods are originally combined with Post Mod von nown (Release Version) [].
This add-on mod allows you to combine that vehicle mods with New Industry 2.54 or Post Mod BETA von nown .
EmperorDarthSidious Feb 4 @ 8:14am 
Are all these advanced features on by default or do I really need TPF Mod Manager to set them on ?


I have downloaded the Mod Manager and enabled everything, but I still don't see the new vehicles. I would love to see that mail-beetle in my game as well...