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MOD-ID TAG = #1200482815
DESCRIPTION = Extra features and Campaign Summary
SUMMARY = Adds 14 (+20) new Backgrounds and introduces an optional "system" where you can summarize missions & events of a campaign directly on Posters

An ambitious project which has to override default Photobooth components, both in Armory & Tactical UI layers. The basic idea is quite simple -- give total control over the output conditions & contents.

As much as i like(d) being fooled around by completely randomized pseudo-meme themes (good, nice, weird or bad but still designed by others), it all grew somewhat annoying. So i decided to provide various User-Friendly assets & to implement a formal campaign tracking system (nicknamed Summary Boxes) by indirect methods -- putting relevant custom text fields + Icons, how & where they'd matter most.


The first major feature is now being ((was!)) activated; Line Picker!
For a complete description of this wildly useful Control/Edit device, please refer to the discussion thread titled "DETAILS & NOTES" accessible via a Tab further below & right above the feedback stream of posts.

Secondly.. the entire concept of Summary-Box(es) is finally ready & playable. Took awhile, but i think we've done it in a satisfactory manner.

NOTE; Aside from the Mod itself, i'm also offering you typical Campaign results with Poster-Samples instead of flooding the Steam snapshots area above. Played with Predator Movie characters through the first four "Months" (More in Pack2) & includes each Resistance Reports source data.. just the essentials. That's basicly what you can expect to somewhat produce for yourselves.
These should also serve as indirect help when reading out the hints found in Version #2 Discussion posts.

Hosted in ZIP files, grab them from my DropBox as linked here...
Poster Samples Pack1[www.dropbox.com]
Poster Samples Pack2[www.dropbox.com]

PROGRESS BAR ••••••••••••••••••••••~85%••••••


This will show up in your Launcher of choice but must be used ONLY within War of The Chosen since it requires the PhotoBooth.. then, Click the usual box to activate our mod & everything should be ready.

PS; A new MCM configuration option is now available. It "speeds" up the parsing of Text Lines (extra strings supplied by anything other than our mod). We recommend (USE ALL LINES) by checking its box if you don't mind having slight slow-downs in Picker Lists. Since it is declared OFF by default.. your regular gameplay conditions won't be affected if you don't have the MCM tool installed.


There's extreme potential in allowing players to control such input/output elements.

-- BountyGiver's "OneMillionColoursPluginWotC" mod is currently incompatible with our code files & should be de-activated.

-- Any other mods that override (heavily or not) UI_Armory & UI_Tactical default scripts would likely wreck many hooks while we BOTH use similar runtime code.

-- Refer to the new Discussion Post(s) about Version #2.. it's much better to centralize such stuff at this point.


Presently considering feasability of other features;

! == Done ... X == Discarded as being too complex

-!- Formal Text Editing GUI.. we re-designed "TextBox" components.
-!- Icons integration (secondary hooks to many internal assets).. produced by Custom Tags.
-X- Palette expansion (indirectly "replacing" OMC functionality for PRB only).
-X- Custom Layouts (extensive Flash/GFX rework).

-?- Next.. try to fix a few pending elements as discussed in "Known Issues" post.

Soooooo -- we're basicly done with what we intended to include... Yeah!


(30/11/17:AM) Basic "Line Picker" activation
(27/06/18:PM) Campaign Tracker "Summary/Report Boxes" very nearly finalized!

Happy text editing, enjoy.

-- Zyxpsilon.
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Known Issues (Version #2)
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Zyxpsilon  [author] Nov 16 @ 11:13pm 
Right.. don't forget to PLAY. After all, we just need regular fun to open up our minds to more serious tasks -- like finding out how to fix some stuff around.
I could understand how some Armor mod would throw a wrench in a function somewhere & trickle down as far as PhotoBooth functions or key components.
It has to do with *HOW* the poster soldiers are being spawned.. on every attempts the engine has to re-organize their 3d assets (including armors too, btw) one-by-one until the squad is ready for visual composition.
Kinda cumbersome in some ways.. but Firaxis coders probably HAD to prevent loopholes bigger than what everyone could imagine. AKA -- external mod conflicts! ;)
Hohen Nov 16 @ 8:03pm 
Thanks for the words of encouragement! I really like this mod only want to see it get stronger. I myself don't know a lot about coding, especially for 3d games, but what I do know of it is small little insights can open huge doors...sometimes

I've been painstakingly restarting over and over using a Quicker Start to skip gatecrasher and kill off a character every round automatically. Disabled over a hundred mods in batches of 3-4. I'm almost positive the culprit is [WOTC] GrimStyle Armor. I had a few other possibilities but they've seem to worked themselves out.

I find it funny that it was an armor mod. I'm running nearly 550 mods with 400 of them being actual mods and not voice packs. Lots of changes all through out. I expected it was a UI mod, like "Configurable Headshots" messing up the buttons, not a cosmetic armor mod.. Now to play the game. It's been a few days.
Zyxpsilon  [author] Nov 16 @ 5:49pm 
Glad to see you are making some progress in that quest for "solutions".
One thing to know for sure... some tricky MOD(s) combinations can ruin any good (or sufficiently reliable) setups.

It's safe to assume certain features (if & when overloaded by numerous modded elements) are more fragile than others.. and sadly the PhotoBooth itself is such a risky device. Which is why we took extra care into building it with extremely limited impact on stability. When TLP got released, i was happy to see the overall changes were minor & determined only the supplemental Poses could affect specific conditions provided people realize too many corrections via mod inputs can break something.
As modders we can only predict so much and most often than not, would get somewhat lucky in fixing a few small issues.

Keep at it -- you'll likely discover other important secrets along the way. Rest assured.. our PRB code is solid & has been essentially proven very stable under "Vanilla conditions".
Hohen Nov 16 @ 4:23pm 
Okay, after more testing it seems to have something to do with mods that add armor. I'm getting the same photobooth lockup on new games right out of gatecrasher with dead soldiers but it's completely based on armor mods, and it's several. I'm narrowing them down one by one but it's taking awhile.
Hohen Nov 16 @ 1:58pm 
After a couple days of extensive testing with my mods the only thing I've been able to definitively find is Configurable Headshots hides the choices for filter and the other options but doesn't seem to effect overall processes of the mod.

For whatever reason the photobooth just seems to be broken using this mod on my other save, but works fine with new saves. I guess a mod conflict in the save file itself. All I can do with it on death and bonding screens is get the camera to goto one spot on the Avenger and lock up.
Hohen Nov 15 @ 6:25am 
Hmm. XPACK, that's the expansion right? Weird. I've verified and reinstalled yesterday in hopes of fixing things. It's a real shame I love the line picker option. If I figure it out I'll post my findings.
Zyxpsilon  [author] Nov 14 @ 11:18pm 
Sorry.. no idea what could cause this. Certainly looks like some XPACK files might be missing though.
Hohen Nov 14 @ 10:50pm 
I know it's a random mod conflict but I can't seem to find it. Whenever I try to go into the photobooth from Soldier Bonding or Soldier Death I'm greeted with a black photo that I can do nothing with. Disabling this mod seems to let me enter the photobooth no problem, at least from the death screen.

Checking logs this is the only one that jumps out at me:
Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'Texture UILibrary_XPACK_Common.posterIcon1': Failed to find object 'Texture UILibrary_XPACK_Common.posterIcon1'

Postericon1-21, if you have any input I'd appreciate it. Some of the features from this I consider core to how I play the game now. lol. Thanks in advance!
Dragon32 Aug 9 @ 12:07pm 
Thanks! Never thought of looking in the .int file, checked out the .ini and started poring over the .uc files. And soon got lost with those :)
Zyxpsilon  [author] Aug 8 @ 5:40pm 
@Dragon32 Sure, easy... find the "XComGame.INT" file in the Localization folder and put a semi-colon ( ; ) character in front of all 13 lines (which start with 'm_str') inside the section with this header instruction (which could also be discarded , btw)..
Effectively commenting (rem'ing) these strings off.