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Community Modding Framework
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Oct 20, 2017 @ 2:30pm
Jun 15 @ 5:07pm
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Community Modding Framework

This mod acts as a central compatibility manager for all script mods that have been registered to prevent any potential conflicts. As a secondary function, this mod also serves as a bugfix for a long standing issue with new characters and their portraits and unit cards not working properly.

So if you are not sure if you need this mod, subscribe to futureproof your mod collection!

Alternative Download link from Google Drive

Do I need this mod as a normal player?
You will need this to keep all of your mods that use scripts working with each other, without any of them completely overwriting any others and thus disabling them without you noticing right away.

How to register for this framework? (Modders)
Check the attached Registration & How to Use discussion.
If you are creating entirely new characters and want to be included into the portrait bugfix, then please write a comment that links to you mod.

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Detailed Information
To enter the Warhammer scripting system you usually have to overwrite existing scripts to inject your own code and get it to work, but this framework makes it possible for anyone to add their personal or public script mods into the system while eliminating the potential for conflicts.

Each mod within this system will register itself to announce that it is actively being used, which can be checked by other mods so they can change their behaviour based on which other mods are in use.

Aside from properly registered slots for modders, there are also 10 publicly available generic script slots (Scripts_00 - Scripts_09) and another 10 for the Quest Script in a similar format. These can be freely used by anyone, but are primarily for mod testing or personal script uses.

This mod now also supports custom rituals for all races, details can be found in the related discussion thread below.

Want to support my mods? Then consider following me or donating via Patreon!
Cataph and myself now also host a combined Discord server for our community!
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Drunk Flamingo
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=TIO=w00tl00ps Jul 22 @ 2:19pm 
Update: This mod alone and by itself was NOT causing my L3 Barracks Agent Recruitment crash.
Pentazer Jul 21 @ 8:11pm 
Is this causing crashing? I've been getting crashes on hero actions a lot with Tretch.
TataKhan Jul 20 @ 4:18am 
Dis broken atm
Makes my Skarsnik campaigns crash all the time, is there a update on the way? Using it with SFO and faction unlocker.
=TIO=w00tl00ps Jul 16 @ 6:06pm 
Crynsos in case it hasn't been said in awhile thanks for all the amazing work you do. Guys like you and Mixu make this game what it is.
PoonWrangler Jul 9 @ 8:29pm 
Does this make Brutal Battles and Steel Faith Overhaul work together?
Sir Kruba Jun 22 @ 6:54am 
Kharybdiss disappear from DE roster with this mod on :(
BoogtehWoog Jun 18 @ 9:21pm 
Thank you for this!
Wh♂♂par Jun 18 @ 12:38am 
Just click on subscribe.

The big, green button.
freddygarcia171 Jun 17 @ 10:15pm 
how do you download this mod? wheres the link?
Helmseye Jun 16 @ 1:03pm 
thank you