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Dying Light

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RE2 Residente del Mal Part 1 V1.7
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Oct 4, 2017 @ 10:11am
Oct 28, 2018 @ 3:33am
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RE2 Residente del Mal Part 1 V1.7


Gameplay Features



Una misión ambientada (aproximada) a Residente Evil 2 Dividida en varias partes.
PARTE 1: Comisaria

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Modo: SP / single player
Mapa estado: 100% Parte 1
Próxima actualización: trabajando/ working

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Errores en la edición: Si encuentras un error en la misión ponlo en conocimiento, especificando lugar y objeto para corregirlo.

Gameplay Features

A mission set (approximate) to Resident Evil 2 Divided into several parts.
PART 1: Commissioner

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Mode: SP / single player
Map status: 100% Part 1
Next update: working / working

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Once downloaded or subscribed, you must launch the game, launch the mode: Play Dying Light custom Game, once inside you must appear the mission and it is only play and ready, in case you do not appear you must leave the steam and go back in,

Errors in the edition: If you find an error in the mission put it in knowledge, specifying place and object to correct it. [/ h1]


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Originally posted by author:
Calamar / omardomine
< >
Rhe2veja Jul 19 @ 7:18pm 
La verdad me impresiona lo bien que esta el mapa y que le sigas dando soporte, pero considera en proximas actualizaciones hacer un mapa y quitar el efecto de paso de las puertas, porque se vuelve molesto cuando respawnean los zombies, tambien ser mas directo a la hora de hacer los objetivos en ningun momento logre encontrar los supervivientes.
Calamar  [author] Jun 20 @ 11:06am 
What is the location of the error?
crashed to desktop
battleck Jun 14 @ 4:19pm 
crashed to desktop after hitten space... any ideas? other maps working
Kinho-KS May 10 @ 2:09pm 
estilo resident
Calamar  [author] May 7 @ 10:15am 
the mission ends up in the cells of the dogs, when entering the sewers he will return to the beginning.
Stealth Moose May 7 @ 1:29am 
The manhole near the cells/parking garage is glitched. I used it once and nothing happened. The second time, it spawned me at the start of the entire campaign.
Shotmaker Mar 9 @ 11:09pm 
I got to the part where you get the lightbulb from the library and can't figure out what to do next. Otherwise the map is very good.
Calamar  [author] Feb 24 @ 3:18am 
hello #♠♣The Jester♣♠ , the key card of the police officer is to activate the computer of the entrance.
♠♣The Jester♣♠ Feb 23 @ 1:56pm 
So I guess the keycard you get is bugged. After talking with the guard, I picked the key up, went to both of the doors requiring the card and no prompt appeared.

Afterward, I went back to the guard only to find the keycard there again, went back did the same song and dance and after nothing happened, I tried to go back to the guard but couldn't open any doors. I was just stuck.

Not sure if people have ran into this also. Hopefully it'll get fixed.

Other than that, the map is fantastic and the RE2 soundtrack mixed with everything was glorious. My only grievance with the map is the amount of volotiles that keep spawning. I died several times before I even made it to the R.P.D making it frustrating.