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Blademaster Momentum
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Sep 9, 2017 @ 9:00am
Sep 11, 2017 @ 7:08pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Blademaster Momentum

In 1 collection by RealityMachina
RealityMachina's War of the Chosen Mods
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Buffs Blademaster by adding an equivalent to the Templar's momemtum mechanic to it.

Allows for movement after slashing, and allows a Ranger to try slashing again. This second slice will do halved damage.
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Alex Nares Jul 4 @ 11:55am 
Any chance of updating this to allow a second Rend "Slice" attack for half damage?
pauloel7 Jan 14 @ 8:25pm 
It would seem it's another mod that might have broken this mod features. Suspect of Grimy's Loot.
pauloel7 Jan 14 @ 10:35am 
Hello Reality Machina. Thanks for the awesome mod. Are you sure this mod works with the Katana? In my campaign it's not working. How can that be fixed?
jackowacko Dec 26, 2017 @ 7:49am 
This works for LW2?
YungFiji64 Dec 13, 2017 @ 2:13pm 
How does this mod work with the abilities Ranger and Implaceable?
mp.........is............despair Dec 12, 2017 @ 6:42am 
i downloaded lots of mods and when i tried launching it kept saying the same crash msg and then i tried removing the mods i thought wer the cause,when i finally have the remaining mods i used bfore the lots of mods downloaded it stil giving the same bullcrap only by deselecting all the wotc mods was i able 2 launch the game,i xit selected my usual mods and it gave me the same shit so i finally decided 2 uninstal and then installing it again if this doesnt work goodbye wotc 4 the rest of my life!
Metal Izanagi Oct 11, 2017 @ 8:57am 
@not John You're free to not use the mod if you don't like it. You don't need to complain.
not John Oct 5, 2017 @ 9:47pm 
The ranger already has Implacable and Untouchable, this is just overpowering them.
D27 Oct 4, 2017 @ 3:36pm 
just took out the hunter with a full team of melee and this mod made the game so easy that i might remove it, might aswell take out the second slash and just give movespeed and plus 10 def or something in its place.
RainingMetal Sep 29, 2017 @ 1:30pm 
I don't think this works for the Hunter Axe...