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More Planet Info (work with 1.4.X not guaranteed)
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Aug 21, 2017 @ 1:31pm
Apr 24, 2019 @ 5:29am
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More Planet Info (work with 1.4.X not guaranteed)

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You should install those 2 patch-mods to make it work properly.
Quest marker fix
Lush planet fix

This mod is SERVER SIDE since modifies lua files.

More info about planets, moons, and some other system bodies.
Information about the objects on the surface of planets. No more long and fruitless search for the desired settlement.
And even some information about asteroid fields.
For FU users: now this mod shows information about the presence on the planet precursor and elder underground microdungeons, it also shows approximate depth on which they are located. Yay!

Currently shows info about settlements and other structures added by the following mods:
- Frackin' Universe
- Avali
- Elithian Races
- United Systems Expansion
- Xeno's InvaderZim Mod (Irkens)
- Felins
- Viera
- Callistan
- Dark's Dungeon and Villages
- Blattra
- Orcana

Compatibility with other mods:
- Frackin' Universe - You should install this to make it work properly.
- True Space - fully compatible
- Fullscreen Starmap - not compatible. Use this instead
- Radioactive Planets - fully compatible
- Crystal Planets - fully compatible
- Diverse Weather - fully compatible
- Universe Generation Overhaul Reborn - fully compatible
- Universe Scanner - fully compatible
- Starmap Zoom Slider - fully compatible
- Elemental Correstialism - partially compatible
- Magnetic Planets - supported, but not tested
- Better Barren - supported, but not tested

Compatible with any mods that not modify navigation console(cockpit.config, cockpitview.lua), but there is still a chance that they will be compatible - try to find out.

Planned futures:
- Add info about summary enviromental threat of the planet - DONE.
- Add info about hazards (radiation, heat, etc) presenting on the planet - DONE.
- Add info about surface biomes presenting on the planet - DONE.
- Make galactic map more informative - DONE.
- Make system view more informative - DONE.

Avali Navigation Console

If you want this mod was compatible with some other mods please write about them in the comments.
Please write in the comments if you find any bugs.

P.S. Special thanks to Medicfast90 for description refinements.

You free for copy, modify, repost, actually you free for anything. Just please don't remove my nickname from mod autors.
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"FPS boost"
Toasted Toby
Jul 27, 2019 @ 1:31pm
Days duration doubt
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Chaos Is A Ladder Sep 23 @ 9:53am 
@test it doesn't need updated at the moment, I've been using it for ages without any issue except the occasional overlapping text (which I assume can be fixed with that extended UI mod), just make sure you've applied compatibility patches and any fixes you might need.
Mr_Olivkins Sep 14 @ 12:58pm 
Что-то случилось, что вы больше не занимаетесь модом?
test Sep 14 @ 12:34am 
why are nt you up date ing this mod
Fikus Sep 12 @ 5:34am 
Hello, I second question of AdorableAurora (nice nickname btw) still working ? afraid to install
AdorableAurora Aug 22 @ 9:19pm 
still working?
Amcyeet Jun 25 @ 8:09am 
What file do I need to patch to add support for a structure?
Flora green Jun 2 @ 3:03pm 
So apparently this mod does not function at all on the DRM free version of the game, resulting in this situation:
Amcyeet May 11 @ 6:37am 
all structures are just "oh we dont have this" even the vanilla ones help
Zazen Mar 5 @ 3:00am 
@Spongebob_Mrkrabs are you by chance using UGOR?
Because I only find "large objects" when I use UGOR
Zazen Mar 4 @ 11:40pm 
I'm experiencing some issues with this mod as well.
I plan on using UGOR and find that some worlds/objects will not be described properly in the small and large planet info viewers, both in solar system view, and interstellar view.