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UK Scotney Gardens (RICO)
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Jul 29 @ 5:41pm
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UK Scotney Gardens (RICO)

UK Scotney Gardens by pauljchris

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This is a large residential high density apartment complex modelled by myself based upon a real world building located in Maidstone UK. Originally modelled for Cities XL, now converted for Cities: Skylines. 1st of a series of conversions of my back catalogue of assets which can be seen here Useful for adding high density and a bit of variety to your town centres.

Model Specs ( Main and sub building)

Footprint 14 x 8 ( x2) so 16 x 14 in game
Tris 2674 / 2674
Custom LOD 397 / 397
Maps 2048 x 2048 _d,_s,_n,_i,_a
LOD 128 x 128

Wilthout RICO enabled this will load as a level 2 monument without any functionality.

RICO settings

Cost 200,000
Households 160
Residential High Density L3

All vanilla props for maximum flexibility. Decorate to taste.

Placement notes:
1 For best results level the terrain before placement.
2 After plopping the building, connect the internal road to the highway using Road Anarchy.
3 Make sure to connect the pedestrian paths at the rear to your network. The cims will use the back entrance extensively if offered the chance.
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MadTech Aug 8 @ 6:46am 
Love the looks of this asset, Very nice
pauljchris  [author] Aug 5 @ 10:27am 
Thanks for your positive review
BonBonB Aug 3 @ 2:57am 
Asset reviewed in What Map #89
alegdansk Jul 31 @ 6:32am 
Super nice !!!! ;)
bwhogwood Jul 30 @ 10:32am 
Would make a good student residence block. Thanks
Jollicent Jul 30 @ 1:25am 
Have seen it on the Simtropolis forum, nice to see it actually got published.
girlfromverona Jul 29 @ 8:46pm 
Wonderful! So nice to see this on the workshop. Can't wait to see it in my game! Thanks for sharing. :)
Armandeus Jul 29 @ 7:59pm 
I really like this. It looks like it might also look nice with two facing each other to make a circle with a road in between. However, if I may, I think it might look nicer if you could put a pre-placed cul-de-sac, a parking lot, or something park-like in the center, because the bare dead-end road seems to take away from the aesthetic. Just some constructive criticism. I want to use this in my cities.