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Stock Car 2018
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Stock Car 2018

Stock cars, undoubtedly the most popular form of motor racing in the United States, is often seen as primitive by Europeans and much of the rest of the world. It is our hope to change this perception by giving all our customers access to what is, our neck of the woods. Stock cars are dictated by rather restrictive rules. However, the technology and development programs are as sophisticated as just about any other form of motorsport. Extensive wind tunnel testing, CFD programs, 7-post rigs are standard in developing the most competitive cars. We've been hard at work for nearly 16 months redesigning almost every aspect of these cars. The main component of this update is the tire model. A lot of development was spent making sure they reacted correctly, giving the car a much improved feel and a better sense of realism. This update consists of brand new tire compounds for every track the Gen 6 CUP cars run on that are available in rFactor 2. The update uses the 2018 rules package with reworked aerodynamics, proper center of gravity, shocks, default setups, engines from dyno data (750+ horsepower), and, most importantly, rebuilt tires (24 different compounds/sets). The decision to stay with the 2018 rules was due to horsepower. In 2018, Stock Cars had 750 horsepower. In 2020 they have 550 horsepower. We felt the higher horsepower would provide a better experience of how a real stock car drives and feels.
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Aug 10 @ 9:46am
From Development Roadmap - "Developed New Tire compounds for 24 tracks."
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Dennis 4 hours ago 
@ericstat I will definitely try those suggestions. Car feels and handles so well I don't want to give up on it!
mike.schreiner Aug 9 @ 8:24am 
This was a Tire and physics upgrade hot an AI upgrade. We are looking into AI for ovals next.
sam12h Aug 8 @ 8:43pm 
Saw it. Chose not to sub. Got subbed anyway after a week. 397's cars are the worst in sim racing, especially the DLC, so why would I want a series I don't even follow sucking up my bandwidth and cluttering my HD?
Wolke Aug 7 @ 10:55pm 
First fix the oval tracks and AI, don't put this half broken stuff in the open

and no , for me its not working what @ericstat mentioned.

And if a user HAS to do that its 1. simply a joke in 2020 and 2. should be mentioned in the description
wanandvan7783 Aug 6 @ 8:06pm 
Where is Bubba Wallace number 43 it's not in stock car 2018 any future plans to include BUBBA WALLACE number 43 in stock car 2018?
ericstat Aug 6 @ 1:08pm 
pennywiseguy - have you enabled the StockCarRules plugin (full course yellows), bumped the AI settings to 110-115/50/25 (put this to closer to 40-50 for more pack racing), and verified your "CURNT Safety Car Thresh":1 in player.ini? I've had some fantastic races against AI, make sure you go for at least 20 minutes so you actually have to manage your tires. The car feels much better than anything in NR2003, at least on my Accuforce. I've played NR2003 for about 10 years, but can't go back since I use VR now
pennywiseguy Aug 6 @ 12:48pm 
Pointless. Nice car, handles great, nearly as good as NR2003, but wasted with a broken and backwards sim. Oval racing is as bad as it gets with RF2. local cautions, and AI that don't have an ounce of understanding of pack racing on official and 3PA tracks. Sums up where priorities of the developers lie. Make pretty looking stuff to obscure the flawed and missing basic sim.
Dennis Aug 6 @ 11:49am 
The car is great, but unfortunately still the same crappy rF2 AI that is worthless.