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Outlaw Paul Nov 22 @ 5:20pm 
This looks pretty cool. I'm excited to check it out a little more. I love the game, but my work schedule is crazy so I rarely make it to live events.
JoeMamaBiden33 Nov 10 @ 5:45pm 
Anyone getting an error with card art not loading in:?
owensd  [author] Oct 31 @ 1:28pm 
I don't have a VR setup, so I cannot test it at all. The way the UI works in TTS is super clunky already, no idea how that translates into their VR system.

Can you post a screenshot of the VR image you see; the UI might just be occluded by something.
The Tall Ginger Oct 31 @ 9:13am 
Hey is there any kind of guide on VR support for this? I am struggling to import decks while in VR because I can't access the text boxes. I can only highlight the deck builder element itself. I am new to TTS as a whole. Do I need to import on desktop and then save/load?
owensd  [author] Oct 29 @ 4:45pm - you can reach out to me on discord. I limit my friends list here to only IRL friends. Oct 29 @ 9:51am 
@owensd Hi Owen! Great TTS Plugin! I want to get in contact with you to discuss a potential collaboration to support :) Please accept my friend invite :)

Have a great day!
Garbanzzo Oct 27 @ 2:24pm 
@owensd tried that too and nothing :/
owensd  [author] Oct 27 @ 11:00am 
@Garbanzzo - Menu -> Configuration -> Game -> Mod Caching

Uncheck that, then try and spawn the cards again. I just did that and it worked fine, redownloading the images again.
Garbanzzo Oct 27 @ 6:11am 
Owensd- thank you. I tried that, but I might be doing it wrong. It still is the same.
owensd  [author] Oct 25 @ 8:59pm 
Delete your cache. Sometimes TTS doesn't like to fix assets that it thinks it has downloaded.
Garbanzzo Oct 25 @ 4:35pm 
I am having trouble with getting the new set to not be blanks. I have un-subbed and subed to the mod and still nothing. any help would be great full.
owensd  [author] Oct 20 @ 5:50pm 
@Kavrick, sure #47 for the playmat and #9 for the backdrop. You can always use your own images too, just make sure they are the same size. Unlock, Right Click, Custom - then you can change the image URL to whatever you'd like.
Kavrick Oct 20 @ 5:07pm 
Might seem like a bit of a silly question, but is there options for blank mats/tables? The mod seems great but the table is a bit "Noisy" with all the different art and it'd be nice to have something simple without it.
owensd  [author] Oct 18 @ 3:53pm 
Ooh, looks like TPZ had an update. Anyhow, import seems to work just fine.

1. Go to deck (e.g.:
2. Click Export button
3. Click OSC mod TTS
4. Copy the url (e.g.:

Use that URL within TTS and click the TPZ button.

I _think_ there was a time where the deck slug was different for the TTS mod, but if they are the same now, I can add a check for the URL and just use the initial URL.
owensd  [author] Oct 18 @ 8:11am 
@Talis - that's because TPZ is basically defunct.
Talis Oct 17 @ 11:14pm 
Can't import from TPZ
Is_907 Oct 9 @ 5:36am 
@owensd I discovered that last night actually! Thanks so much. This is such a great mod and is helping me get through a tough quarantine cycle!
owensd  [author] Oct 7 @ 7:40pm 
@Is_907 - the arsenal zones already snap on either side; just don't have any mats with actual visuals for it.
Is_907 Oct 7 @ 1:37pm 
Love this! Thanks much.
Any chance we could get a mat layout with multiple Arsenal zones for Lexi / New Horizon players? :D
owensd  [author] Oct 1 @ 9:04am 
Yeah, the Discord is:

Flesh and Blood TCG - Community Discord Link:
Cladounet Oct 1 @ 2:19am 
I am looking for a server aswell, FR or ENG
YouWin Sep 29 @ 12:34am 
Hey, is there a discord server where people can look for a game?
OsW Sep 28 @ 11:26am 
Hi team!!
For those like me who are stuck at 5%-6% while loading the mod... disabling "mod-threading" in the main menu options tab made me the day!

Now I´m ready to play. Go Levia go!! xDD
DenDenMooshi Sep 28 @ 5:17am 
Thanks for the fix. Since fabdb is used, I have uploaded the Aria starters to assist. Thanks for your work on this.
owensd  [author] Sep 27 @ 4:06pm 
Levia deck should be fixed now. No mod update as it's pulled from fabdb directly.
owensd  [author] Sep 27 @ 6:10am 
@DenDenMooshi - yeah, this is pulled from fabdb. I'll have to look at the deck there and see what's up.
DenDenMooshi Sep 26 @ 11:41pm 
Levia pre-built is missing 2x Smash with Big Tree (Y) and 2x Smash with Big Tree (R). Assuming it is referencing from fabdb which also appears to be incorrect.
HonestlySarcastc Sep 22 @ 6:39am 
In case you needed it, the pack Structure for TOA seems to be:
Pack Structure:
- 5 elemental / generic commons
- 1 rare
- 1 rare/majestic
- 1 foil
- 1 equipment/amulet
- 6 class commons (2 of each)
- 1 token
owensd  [author] Sep 21 @ 6:49pm 
Any chance of making it so that we can spawn a box of cards (24 packs) at once so we can do drafts?

Just move the cards and press generate to get six more packs.
owensd  [author] Sep 21 @ 6:46pm 
Sealed pack generator is off on frequency of Majestic and Legendary Equipment for Tales of Aria. I got 3 legendaries and 2 majestic equipments in a 6 pack pool.

Hmm... that should definitely not be happening. I'll have to take a look.
HonestlySarcastc Sep 21 @ 6:18pm 
Thanks for the mod. It's been great. I just drafted with friends and we had some packs with Double Legendary though. Not sure if the numbers are off but we had a LOT of legendaries. Any chance of making it so that we can spawn a box of cards (24 packs) at once so we can do drafts?
duane.flier Sep 21 @ 5:09pm 
Nevermind, just saw the change notes, may already have been addressed, Thanks!
duane.flier Sep 21 @ 5:08pm 
Sealed pack generator is off on frequency of Majestic and Legendary Equipment for Tales of Aria. I got 3 legendaries and 2 majestic equipments in a 6 pack pool.
Mort Sep 20 @ 11:51pm 
Amazing mod, any chance we could get the new tokens added in also?
Fayt Dawnbringer Sep 20 @ 9:35am 
thank you very very very very very very very very very very much for the new cards !
duane.flier Sep 19 @ 11:07pm 
1 correction on pack sequencing, the Equip slot can also be an Amulet.
AlphaSquid Sep 17 @ 10:11am 
FYI - the Levia Blitz starter deck is missing a few cards when generated.
owensd  [author] Sep 16 @ 11:28am 
@AlphaSquid - should be fixed. I pull them from now.
AlphaSquid Sep 16 @ 10:00am 
Was playing with WTR starter decks the other day: the Bravo deck generates with 2 cards missing (I forget the titles, but IIRC they are both cards that should have 2 copies, but only have 1). Thanks for the great mod!
duane.flier Sep 14 @ 6:09pm 
Pack sequencing appears to be:
Elemental card
Elemental card
Elemental card
Elemental card
Random card (1 ele, 2 class cards were here)
Rare (probably Majestic here, didn't open any)
owensd  [author] Sep 14 @ 9:56am 
@Caesar007 - I can look at the video, but it's not going to have the same pack construction as MON as there are different combinations of talents and much fewer generics, so I need to know what is expected at each slot.
Caesar007 Sep 14 @ 9:12am 
@owensd same as monarch just with the tales of aria cards, there is a booster opening video on youtube also
owensd  [author] Sep 14 @ 9:09am 
@Caesar007 - possible, but I have no idea what the pack construction is.
owensd  [author] Sep 14 @ 9:08am 
@Aryore - TPZ seems to be no longer supported; I've been unable to contact them.
Caesar007 Sep 13 @ 8:39am 
would love the sealed option from tales
Aryore Sep 13 @ 5:26am 
Loading decks from TPZ doesn't seem to be working?
D Rahj Sep 9 @ 3:44pm 
Glad to see you already plan to do it. Thank you again man.
owensd  [author] Sep 9 @ 2:51pm 
@Fayt - when they are actually released.
Fayt Dawnbringer Sep 9 @ 1:01pm 
when you put the cards from aria in ?
SubZer0 Aug 29 @ 7:27am 
can not able input data from FABDB