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Improved Bots (Advanced)
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LEON S KENNEDY18 GAMER XD May 15 @ 7:47pm 
hola bro
cool guide
\\\ May 4 @ 7:27pm 
dont see any difference.ai still stupid as always
SnoWdoGe Apr 16 @ 4:23pm 
Sry, I have a problem. I have subscribed your mod and I didn't change the config file. And I can play versus, survivial, scavenge and realism modes in single player with bots now. But one of my friends can't play these modes in single player in the same way. There are options to build a single-player scavenge map, but after a while, the map will be shut down because there is no other player. I don't understand what went wrong. Please help me:evafacepalm:.
Pokefire Apr 13 @ 7:23am 
For selecting a character, do you have to die first to select a new character, because everytime I press F2 or try doing any other command, it doesn't work for me.
The Guide From Terraria Apr 8 @ 4:38pm 
my keys don't work help
I have a slight problem, whenever I go to play singleplayer through the menu, and select "Addon Campaign" afterwards if I wanted to play a singleplayer mutation, like Lone Gunman (which I often do) I can only choose an addon campaign, as no other options appear. As far as I know there is no other way to start the mutation on a official map.

Restating the game fixes this problem, but due to the abundance of addons/pluggins I have, it takes 15+ minutes for my game to load. I'ts not a "big deal" just an inconvenience, and I would apreciate it if you could fix this issue.
Stryker J Apr 5 @ 3:35am 
Just curious, but why doesn't the game pause when I hit "esc" in single player? Is that supposed to happen, or did I mess something up?
TheNekoMimiGamer Apr 1 @ 6:59pm 
Okay, I don't know what I did now that was different but I finally got it working...
Sorry for the trouble
Ziggy  [author] Mar 30 @ 6:59pm 
New menu should do everything for you. You shouldn't need to do anything with the console, that's the entire point of the new menu.
TheNekoMimiGamer Mar 28 @ 9:11pm 
Nothing was conflicting with it, I'm able to access the new menu layout just fine. I just am not able to use it without starting a map through the console.
灵芝快救我丶 Mar 28 @ 8:21pm 
e ..... can you speak chinese?
Ziggy  [author] Mar 28 @ 7:53pm 
Sounds like you might have a conlficting add-on installed that is preventing this add-on from using the new single player menu I made.
TheNekoMimiGamer Mar 28 @ 7:27pm 
Except it's never auto enabled in single player mode unless I start a game with the map command. I don't know if it used to be enabled automatically, but now that isn't the case. I try to use the commands without doing that first, and it tells me that I cannot use them unless sv_cheats is set to 1. I try setting sv_cheats to 1 myslef and it resets to 0.
Ziggy  [author] Mar 28 @ 4:18pm 
@Solid Noyz:
You need to start the game through the new single player menu I added as part of this add-on. If you're not seeing it then you must have a conflicting add-on installed.

You shouldn't need to open the developer's console to use this add-on. The new single player menu this mod adds should handle that for you. Cheats should also be enabled automatically if you use anything that requires them.
TheNekoMimiGamer Mar 27 @ 5:23pm 
About the only issue with using this mod is the full functionality can't be enabled without starting a map through the console and then setting sv_cheats to 1. It's set to 0 by default and currently cannot be changed outside of this method.

To use in multiplayer mode you (and any party members) need a third party program such as Evolve (please don't ever get Himachi, it will eventually crash your hardware) and create a party server for the game, next start a listening server with map <mapname> (like c1m1_hotel, c4m1_milltown_a, or some other map. You can set it to survival, scavenge, versus, or realism afterwards if you so desire), then set sv_cheats to 1 and sv_consistency to 0 (in console by pressing ~ not the game chat) before sharing your party's server ip with your friends. (they need to connect by opening the console and typing connect <ip address>)Then the rest of the commands for the mod will work and any other cheat commands you decide to use.
Sir Comsalat Mar 25 @ 2:56pm 
it keeps saying "sv cheats 0" everytime i try to use a feature that you have added.
YourFriendlyCloaker Mar 25 @ 3:46am 
Ok, but that's what I did but the keys didn't work..
Ziggy  [author] Mar 25 @ 3:45am 
Yes, copy everything that's in the post.
YourFriendlyCloaker Mar 25 @ 3:23am 
In the post, do I need the map names or the thing at the bottom?
Slyshi Mar 24 @ 1:10pm 
Yeah dude, I love it. I can finally play realism with bots now. Cool.
Ziggy  [author] Mar 24 @ 8:41am 
Glad you like it. :)
Slyshi Mar 24 @ 1:37am 
I'd say my favorite part is being able to take control of another bot when you die.
Slyshi Mar 24 @ 1:30am 
Hey Ziggy, thanks alot for this mod. And I mean ALOT. It's also nice to see you're still paying attention to it after all these years. Let a guy with no friends play a co-op game every once and a while, Valve. smh
leemicah61 Mar 22 @ 9:23pm 
Okay, it's mostly my fault for not reading the instructions. Haven't played this game for awhile :steamfacepalm:
leemicah61 Mar 22 @ 9:16pm 
Thanks for the reply, Ziggy! I'll give that a go
Ziggy  [author] Mar 21 @ 9:42pm 
That's intended. Unfortunately, I cannot add that option to custom-made menus. I needed to create a custom menu to start the single player games from because the bot commands only work if cheats are enabled. Cheats can only be enabled on games that are started through the developer's console. I created the custom menu to start the game through the developer's console's commands for you automatically, but it doesn't allow for character or difficulty selection when you do that.

That's why I added the radial menus to allow you to easily change the character and difficulty in-game. You can use the simple version if you don't want to deal with all of that, but you will lose the extra bot commands then.
leemicah61 Mar 21 @ 7:53pm 
Wonderful mod but for me whenever i enable it, i go to the menu and select a campaign but it won't give me an option to choose my characters.
Untr Mar 21 @ 7:16am 
thanks, it works, you just have to create your own map
ZiwAreX Mar 21 @ 1:05am 
can you fix it plz , Valve say this mod not allow now
Isaac_ILikeKrabbyPatties Mar 19 @ 11:48am 
Also, My steam is messed up, and now it crashes when i try to run a versus server.
Ziggy  [author] Mar 19 @ 9:22am 
There aren't any bugs on my end. Valve decided not to allow the bots to do those things and that's not something I can change with this game's very limited modding system.
Anterouz Mar 19 @ 6:55am 
There are a lot of bugs to fix and some features that are important, like bots picking up gas cans in Versus mode or fix the bug from scanvenger mode, I can't play in the map Appartments from No Mercy
Fede Mar 10 @ 7:33pm 
For some obscure reason this doesn't seem to work for me after following every step
Isaac_ILikeKrabbyPatties Mar 4 @ 11:28am 
So after i uninstalled the confliction addon, I instantly Automaticly Answered my question lol XD
Isaac_ILikeKrabbyPatties Mar 4 @ 11:27am 
If you need suggestion, if possible, Try to add only for scavenge And Versus, Under the control player menu, Add an "Infected" Name So I Dont have to. You might have to make a second page though... :/
Isaac_ILikeKrabbyPatties Mar 4 @ 11:23am 
I did, and i just fixed it afterwards. After, i noticed it automaticly after a command i enter, It turns it on for me.
Ziggy  [author] Mar 4 @ 11:00am 
I don't know. I only enabled versus mode, I cannot change how it works. Any bugs with how the game mode works is on Valve's end.

The keybinds should set themselves automatically every time you start a new game.

You must have a conflicting add-on installed. You aren't starting the game through the new single player menu that I created. Do you have a UI add-on installed?
Isaac_ILikeKrabbyPatties Mar 4 @ 6:52am 
and it will randomly crash on me. :(
Isaac_ILikeKrabbyPatties Mar 4 @ 6:48am 
And adding an ability for versus, scavenge, whatever, an option to be able to swap back to a zombie/infected would be nice.
Isaac_ILikeKrabbyPatties Mar 4 @ 6:30am 
I also fixed conflicting addons i just had. Do i need server cheats on to use those commands? Or will it work without the use of the console?
Isaac_ILikeKrabbyPatties Mar 4 @ 6:27am 
When i play and use the commands, it tells me to enable cheats, which means i have to start all campaign's Through the console. Are you willing to fix this, or do i have to do the console EVERY Time for the commands to work? I want to try the commands out. I will use the console for the first few times, but i would really like an answer.
Xandious13 Mar 2 @ 4:17pm 
So Im playing l4d2 now and accidently bound ALT to walk slowly whats the command to change it back.thanks
BlueSpinner Mar 2 @ 1:25pm 
In The Sacrifice Port finale of Singleplayer Versus, when survivors leave the safe room and myself as special infected. The failure message appears "You must have at least two survivors to complete the finale." and automatically switch team. Later, the game ends as the same message. All survivors are alive. What do I do?
Dragovile Feb 28 @ 2:40am 
why is it after a while of using the mod becomes useless? can't switch characters
Mr. Bunny Feb 26 @ 7:50pm 
Oh and I forgot to mention that the AI unfortunately doesn't use melee weapons with that other mod of yours, gotta fix that.
Mr. Bunny Feb 26 @ 7:47pm 
Nevermind I used your other mod and it worked (the improved gameplay one or whatever it's called) and it worked, have a couple questions, does it only work on the L4D2 maps or does it also work with the L4D1 map? Second question is that is there a way to make the AI shoot more? Real players shoot like crazy to clear everything but the AI pauses a lot between shots instead of just mowing down the horde.
Ziggy  [author] Feb 26 @ 6:30pm 
The addon still works. Make sure you followed the additional instructions in the description and you don't have any conflicting add-ons installed.
Mr. Bunny Feb 26 @ 3:07pm 
ALT doesn't work nor do the F keys, mod needs fixing.
ishootnoobs01 Feb 20 @ 1:50pm 
i opened up the folder and changed the name of the config file to cfg and i took another cfg file and placed it in there and renamed it listenserver.cfg but there is another file in there named html what do i do with that