Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2

Pool Day (Arms Race)
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Update: Jun 30 @ 7:38am

- Fixed a bug where inflatables were having their physic getting out of control when their deflated ragdoll touched the bottom of the pool
- Fixed a bug where players could not jump in the hot tub
- Fixed some missing textures and misplaced objects (Thanks Joaokaka1998)
- Fixed a couple of objects from the CS 1.6 version that were rendered in the sky (Thanks Aureo)

- Prevented players to stand in locations that do not exist in the CS 1.6 version of the map when the switch happens (kills them)

- Added lights in the hot tub
- Added a post process for the CS 1.6 version to reduce the brightness there

Update: Jun 24 @ 2:21pm

- Clipped the rooftops of the CS 1.6 version to prevent players from leaving the playable area (Thank you Lillykyu)
- Disabled collisions on the locker door with players, removed the trigger_push there that serves no purpose anymore

Update: Jun 23 @ 2:20pm

- Removed collision between aluminum corners and players to stop blocking players running along walls
- Fixed a bug where the players could get stuck at the bottom of the pool if they tried very hard
- Fixed a bug where players could get stuck with toilet doors closing on them (doors now open to unstuck the player)

- Made the wall in the middle of the shower side higher, to match the CS 1.6 version

- Updated Credit texture from the CS 1.6 version
- Adjusted the volume boundaries for the underwater post-process
- Updated the master post-process to add a bit of vibrance and contrast

- Added sounds when interacting with a few objects (toilets, showers)

Update: Jun 12 @ 9:46am

- Clipped the rooftop to prevent players from escaping the playable area
- Increased the cooldown duration for the switch between CS1.6 / CS2 from 10s to 30s
- Made the environment lighting less warm
- Improve swimming behavior

Update: Jun 8 @ 2:54pm

Created Pool Day (Arms Race).